Wednesday, 23 November 2011

REVIEW: MUA eyeshadows

I love these eyeshadows! They're so pigmented, some more than others, they blend really well, come in a variety of colours, are available in matt and pearl and the best thing, they cost £1.00 each! Each eyeshadow contains 2g of product.

Shade 2: White, Pearl - A little sheer, nice colour for highlighting tearduct
Shade 1: Champagne, pearl - Great colour for a shimmery highlight
Shade 17: Beige, Matt - Not very pigmented, not great colour payoff, but good for a blending colour
Shade 29: Gold, Pearl - A little powdery, very pretty colour
Shade 11: Brown, Pearl - Very pigmented, warm toned brown with bronze undertone
Shade 19: Brown, Matt - Great for adding depth to the outer V on a smokey eye, and filling eyebrows
Shade 20: Black, Matt - Extremely pigmented, great to use as eyeliner

Shade 3: Silver, Pearl - Very pigmented, pretty true silver
Shade 12: Brown/Khaki, Pearl - Two toned colour, warm toned shadow
Shade 4: Lilac/pink, Pearl - Quite sheer but buildable
Shade 25: Burgundy, Pearl - Slightly powdery
Shade 9: Purple, Pearl - Blue toned, very sheer but buildable
Shade 8: Turquoise, Pearl - Gorgeous colour, more of a matt than a pearl
Shade 13: Deep purple, Pearl - Quite powdery, not great colour pay off
Shade 10: Navy blue, Pearl - Very powdery, not very pigmented

MUA is available from Superdrug, the eyeshadows cost £1.00 and contain 2g of product. They don't come with names only shade numbers.


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