Saturday, 31 March 2012

OCC Lip tar Vs Sleek pout paint....

I've read so many reviews about OCC lip tars and wanted to see for myself what all of the fuss was about, so I went online and bought one. The colour I got is 'memento' and it's kind of a mix between a dusky pink and a light mauve, very pretty. After buying the lip tar I started to see a lot of reviews on Sleeks pout paints and they were alot cheaper than the lip tar and easier to get hold of, so whilst in superdrug I bought 'pin up' which is a bright red.
Both of these products apply like a lip gloss (the texture) and set like a lipstick. I found the sleek takes a tiny bit longer than the OCC to 'dry'

Now, lets compare products:

OCC Lip tar:
* Price ranges from £8.99 - £13.00
* Available online and debenhams in London
* Huge range of colours
* Minty smell
* Very opaque
* Dispenser is like that of a lipgloss tube, and can get very messy
* 8ml of product
* Very runny

Sleek Pout paint:
* Price £4.99
* Available from superdrug and sleek website
* 11 colours
* Fruity smell
* Very opaque
* Dispenser is a thin nozzle which makes using product quick and easy
* 8ml of product
* Nice consistency, not too thick or thin

So the verdict? I'm leaning slightly more towards the Sleek pout paints because, they're cheaper, easier to use, less messy and easier to purchase. However I like that the OCC has a wider range of colours. They both leave a stain on the lips after a while, the Sleek slightly more as it's a dark colour, but many reviews I've read say that the darker colours of the OCC leave a darker stain too.

OCC Lip tars

Sleek Pout paint
* Instore at Superdrug

After writing this post, I noticed that some of the sellers that stock OCC Lip tars, have the new packaging and some don't. I based my review on the lip tar that I have, and that is the old packaging.

Thanks for reading

S xx

Friday, 30 March 2012

Review: Re-Gen Cream....

I bought this cream about two weeks ago after reading Zoe's (Zoella280390 on youtube) blog post about it. I didn't want to review this straight away as I wanted to use it for quite a while first so that I could give an honest opinion on it.

My opinion? I LOVE THIS CREAM!! I have quite a few scars on my chin, kindly left behind from spots that I've had, and I wanted to try and get rid of them for good. I've already tried bio oil, and didn't really notice any difference. Maybe I didn't give it long enough to work, I got fed up of using it after a while because I have a slightly oily chin anyway adding extra oil was a no no. I couldn't apply my make up straight after using the bio oil because it just slid straight off and didn't blend, and I really didn't have time to let it dry in.

The cream itself reminds me a little of sudocrem, but the scent isn't as strong which I like because I'm kind of iffy about putting scented products on my face in case they break me out. It has a nice consistency: not too thick and not too thin and it drys quite quickly which is a definite bonus.

I use this every morning and night, applying about a pea size making sure I take the time to massage it all in until all of the cream has soaked into my skin. I actually can't believe how much this cream has helped my skin, I literally have no scars on my chin now and the couple that I do have are slowly but surely fading too. The ones I still have were quite dark so are taking longer to go, but they're definitely getting lighter and lighter :)

I bought this for £3.99 from Homebargains, thanks for the heads up Zoe :) I definitely recommend this cream to anyone and everyone!

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Weekly Faves....

It's that time again, sundaaaaaaay which means weekly favourites. How fast has the past week gone?! Pheeew it'll be chistmas again before we know it :P Only kidding!!

Here's what I've been loving this week:

* No7 blusher in 'Candy pink' £9.50

* Urban decay eyeshadow in ' Green Goddes' £13.00

* Urban decay eyeshadow in 'cult' £13.00

* Wet and Wild eyeshadow in 'cream' (can't remember price or where I bought it sorry)

* MUA loveheart lip balm in 'sugar lips' £2.00

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Review: No7 Beautiful skin eye make up remover....

Recently Boots were doing the £5.00 No7 vouchers, which I always take full advantage of ;) Why not?! I really don't need anymore make up, so I decided to buy......a lip liner, yes a lip liner because you know, I really don't have enough of them *whistles* Anywhoo, I paid for my lip liner and a few other things I actually went into Boots for and ended up getting distracted, and I got yet another voucher. So I thought to myself, DO NOT BUY MORE MAKE UP!! I've tried there regular eye make up remover and found it left a really oily residue afterwards and it put me off their skin care range. However, I spied a new eye make up remover called Beautiful skin eye make up remover for £7.75 but with my £5.00 voucher it would only cost £2.75. I bit the bullet and bought it, thinking I haven't wasted all that much money if I don't like it.

And like it I do, in fact I love it! It's one of those products that have the oily liquid at the bottom and then a regular liquid at the top, and you have to shake it up to mix the two. It says that it's supposed to remove waterproof mascara, I don't use waterproof mascara so can't comment on that, but it does remove the MUA eyeliner that I wear and once that bad boy's on it stays put until you scrub it off.

Unlike the first No7 eye make up remover I used, this doesn't leave an oily residue, it's very gentle on the eye area and so easy to remove eye make up. All that's needed is a very light hand and it's off.

I definitely recommend picking this up

Available from Boots for £7.75

Thanks for reading

S xx

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Mini haul....

I had to go to the post office to collect a parcel yesterday after work, and decided I'd pop in to Matalan to see if they had anything new and summery. Up until a year and a half ago, you'd never see me out and about in a dress or shorts. I hated my legs and refused to get 'em out. To be honest my legs haven't changed, but as I get older my self confidence gets better and I've started thinking 'Life's too short to care what people think, they don't like how I look then they don't have to look at me' (So back to the reason for this post) Whilst in Matalan I saw some very cute, bright summery dresses and threw caution to the wind and bought one. I'm in love with it, AND it only cost £4.00!!!
Here's (my new love) what I bought:

*Blue summer dress £4.00 from Matalan,brand

* Cross earrings £3.00 from Matalan,brand

* Collection 2000 lasting colour lipstick in 'sweet tart' £2.99 available from Superdrug, Boots and Wilkinsons

* Collection 2000 Cream puff moisturising lip cream in 'cotton candy' £2.99 available from Superdrug, Boots and Wilkinsons

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Monday, 19 March 2012

Nails of the week....

Just a random little post today. I wanted to post something but didn't know what so I thought 'Let's do a nail of the week' So I am :P
Here's what I decided to go with this week:

I used:
On my ring finger: Barry M nail paint in '310 Mushroom'

On the rest: E.l.f nail varnish in 'Desert Haze'

Love Barry M nail paints, they seem to stay put for almost a week without chipping!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Weekly faves....

First off I'd like to wish all mummys a massive HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!! Especially mine, love you!

Enough with the dribble, let's get on with it :P

I was watching Becky's (from beckysblogs on youtube) video the other day about her doing weekly favourites instead of monthly favourites, and thought it was a really good idea. I'm trying to use all the make up I have, because I seem to get in a rut (especially for work) and use the same eyeshadows/blushers/lipsticks, and that would just make a very boring monthy favourite post each month. Ok, here's what I've been loving this week:

*First up, collection 2000 sheer loose powder in translucent:

*Vital radiance blusher in mocha radiance:

* MAC eyeshadow in 'satin taupe'

* MUA heaven and earth palette (the 2 light shades):

*Soap and Glory 'thick and fast' mascara:

* Prestige lip liner in 'silk' (think this has been discontinued!!!!!! *sad face*)

* Elizabeth arden colour intrigue lipstick shade 11

* And finally, Clinique superbalm moisturizing lipgloss in 'grapefruit'

Becky's video: