Monday, 31 December 2012

Top 12 skin and hair products of 2012....

Yesterday I posted my 'Top 12  of 2012' and today, it's time for my Top 2012 skin and hair products. This was a little harder to figure out because I'm not really one for skin and haircare, I'm all about the make up! Anyway, here's what I loved throughout 2012:

* The body Shop Hemp hand protector
* Clean and Clear Dual action moisturiser
* Kleenex facial cloths
* Nivea cream
* No7 Beautiful skin eye make up remover
* Neutrogena visibly clear 2-in-1
* Batiste dry shampoo
*Timotei Shampoo and Conditioner
* Herbal essence breakage defender intensive mask
* The tangleteezer
* Mitchum deodorant
* Impulse 'loving words' bodyspray

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE, Hope you all have a great night!

Thanks for reading, see ya next year ;)

S xx

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Top 12 make up products of 2012....

Usually on a Sunday I post my weekly favourites, but today is different. Because it's the last Sunday of 2012 (woooohooooo - it's been a PANTS year!!!) I thought I'd choose my 12 favourite make up products of 2012. Not only new products that have been released in 2012, but one's that I couldn't stop using:

* No7 shine free primer
* Revlon colorstay foundation
* Collection lasting perfection concealer
* 17 Stay matte powder
* MUA eye primer
* Maybeline color tattoo in 'on and on bronze'
* Soap and Glory 'What's nude?' quad
* MUA extreme felt liner
* Avon Super enchant mascara
* Urban Decay 'De slick' setting spray
* Prestige lipliner in 'Silk'
* Real techniques stippling brush

I could have made a HUGE list of favourites if I'm honest, but I behaved and narrowed it down. What have you been loving this year?

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Monthly empties....

Time for my final empties post of 2012! I still can't believe how fast this year has gone! Time seems to fly by now.

* The Body Shop hand hemp protector £10.00 - This has lasted me for around a year! It's definitely my favourite hand cream, but one I tend to use at night because it's pretty thick and greasy. I've already repurchased this, although this time I bought it in the 'Rose's scent because I'm pretty obsessed with Rose

* Kleenex facial cloths £1.99 - I'm now onto my third box of these. I never buy cotton wool any more since I started using these, they're so much better

* E45 cream £1.99 - This is amazing for dry skin. My hands got pretty bad a couple of weeks ago and for some reason the Hemp hand protector didn't want to help. So I applied this a few times and my hands were super soft again

* Clean and clear dual action moisturiser £3.59 - Again I'm now onto my third tube of this stuff and I still love it. It's nice and light to wear under foundation and it's amazing as a spot treatment. I definitely recommend giving this a whirl

* Michum deodorant £2.89 - I've bought this a few times but prefer the deodorant stick oppose to the rll on. However both work really well and I'll continue to buy it

* Vaseline Aloe Fresh moisturiser £2.69 - I love the scent of this moisturiser, and how sort it leaves my skin. I've bought this a number of times over the years, always something I go back to

Make up/perfume:

* Revlon colorstay foundation £12.49 - My favourite foundation, I don't think I'll ever stray. Lasts all day, perfect for oily skin and blends so well

* H&M Body splash in 'Twilight rain' £2.99 - This is such a nice summery fruity scent. I'm a fruity kinda gal and don't really stick to 'fruity for the summer' and 'heavy scents for the winter' I wear what I like when I like cos that's just how I roll. I'd buy this again for sure

* Marks and Spencer perfume in 'Dreamy days' £3.00 - I LOVE THIS! If anyone can remember the perfume 'tribe' this smells exactly the same. I'm pretty sure this has been discontinued though so I'm a teeeeeny bit gutted :(

* No7 eyeshadow in 'Mink' £7.00 - This was in my products I hit pan on a few months back, and I've finally finished it. For months when I first bought this, it was my favourite eyeshadow and I still love it. I'd buy this again, once I've worked my way through the thousands of eyeshadows I have :S

Well that's it for this year! :D

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Review - MUA Pro brow kit....

I've held back from buying the MUA brow kit for so long, even though I knew I wanted to try it as soon as it was released. I'm currently well over half way through my e.l.f eyebrow kit and waned to use it all up before I bought another brow kit/product. However Santa Claus put this little beauty in my stocking, and I'm so glad he did!

I love the packaging, so sleek and compact, and I think it's a great idea to have the tweezers, eyebrow brush and a decent sized mirror in it. It's a fab product to travel with or to just stick in your bag on a day to day basis. There are three different shades and a wax/gel to make sure those brows stay put all day long.
I use the 'blonde' shade at the beginning of my brow, and the dark brown shade through the rest, and it matches really well with my natural brow colour. If one of the shades don't match you they can be mixed to find the perfect colour for you.

The lowdown:

* Cost £3.50 (currently on promotion at £3.00)
* Shades 1 (3 shades in the actual product itself)
* g of product
* Small and compact packaging
* Tweezers and brow brush included
* Available for MUA and Superdrug

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas make up gifts....

Helloooooooooooo and happy Christmas :D Hope you all had a great day yesterday! I was debating whether to hit the sales today, then thought I'm better off at home in my PJ's away from the crazy shoppers. I just wanted to do a quick post of the make up I got given as gifts yesterday, not bragging just sharing :)


* MUA Artiste palette
* 88 warm palette
* Urban Decay Smoked palette

Face and nails:

* MAC Mineralize skin finish in 'Soft and gentle'
* Bourjois chocolate bronzer
* Real Techniques expert face brush
* Barry M Gelly hi-shine in 'plum' and 'watermelon'


* Accessorize volumising mascara
* MUA eyebrow kit
* MAC 219 brush


* Rimmel Kate lipstick in shade '101'
* NYX lipstick in 'Tea rose'
* Rimmel moisture renew lipstick in 'Vintage pink'
* MAC lipstick in 'shy girl'
* MUA sheer finish lipgloss in 'Just incase'

I haven't posted any swatches because I plan on doing some make up looks soon and I think I may do a review on the Urban Decay smoked palette, so keep an eye out for those ;)

What make up gifts did you receive this Christmas?

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Weekly favourites....

This will be my last weekly faves of 2012!!! Next week I'll be posting my '2012 faves' so there'll be quite a few favourites posts coming your way :) Here we go:

* Revlon lip butter in 'Berry smoothie' - I'm probably the last person in the world to buy this, but I'm SO glad I did!! I absolutely love it. I love the colour, finish, texture, everything! I'll definitely be buying more of these

* Maybelline color tattoo in 'on and on bronze' - This will never not be a favourite of mine. It's such a gorgeous colour and so easy to apply

* Britney Spears perfume in 'Radiance' - I'm getting some perfumes for Christmas and I want to use up the dribbles of perfume I have left. I forgot how much I love this scent, such a sweet and girlie perfume

* E45 Cream - But of an odd one. I've had really dry and sore hands the past few weeks, and I'd been using my hemp cream form the body shop. However it stopped working after a while because my hands gt so bad, so I started applying E53 and it worked literally straight way!

* Topshop lipstick in 'Innocent' - I only bought this on Wednesday and I knew it'd be in my faves straight away. it's such a pretty pink/nude and lasts so long on the lips

That's it for this weeks favourites

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas nails take 4....

Who wants a little Christmas prezzie? Nail time again:

For this I used:

* Barry M '320 Foil effects' all over the nail and then added a little gold sparkle by painting W7 'Gold Dazzle' over the top
* Essie 'Fifth Avenue' for the present and e.l.f 'Teal blue' for the ribbon

I'd paint my other nails all gold and then add some glitter to my Index finger using 'Gold Dazzle' If you can't get W7 'Gold Dazzle', Barry M have a gold glitter polish out too :)

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmas Smoky eye....

Who doesn't love a smoky eye? Most of the time when I go out I wear a black and grey smokey eye, but with Christmas just around the corner I thought I'd make it more bold and use silvers and black:

For this look I used:

* I first applied a base using NYX jumbo pencil in 'Pots and Pans' all over my lower lid and brought it up into the crease slightly on the outer half. I then used NYX jumbo eye pencil in 'Cottage Cheese' on my brow bone and tear duct
* Now for eyeshadow. I used MAC 'Blanc Type' as my highlight on my brow bone and tear duct because it's a matte shadow and there's a lot of shimmer going on, so I thought matte would be best
* I then packed on 'Shade 4' from the MUA Going for Gold palette all over my lid and stopped at the crease
* Taking 'Shade 2' from that same palette, I applied this to the outer half and blended into the crease a little
* I then applied MUA 'Shade 20' which is a Matte black into the outer V and blended slightly into the crease
* Using 'Shade 10' in that Going for Gold palette, I applied this to my lower lashline
* Then I added MUA liquid liner along my upper lashline and two coats of mascara

If you wanted to add even more sparkle, you could apply a black glitter eyeliner on top of the liquid liner

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Santa nails....

Time for a little Santa Claus nail art ;) 'HO HO HO'

For this I used:

* Essie 'Fifth avenue' all over each nail and on my ring finger I added a coat of Barry M 'Red glitter'
* For the belt and 'ho ho ho' I used Avon nailware pro in 'Licorice'
* And for the buckle and dots I used Barry M '320 foil effects'

Hope Santa is good to you all!

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Monday, 17 December 2012

Small hauling....

I went to Boots on Friday with the intention of buying some make up brushes for my kit, and ended up walking out with the Soap and Glory Best of all set.....whoops! Then on Saturday I wanted to use up my Boots advantage card points to get the brushes I went in for on Friday.......Revlon had a 3 for 2 on and I needed foundation....second whoops:

* Revlon Colorstay in 150 'Buff' £12.49

* Revlon lip butter in '050 Berry smoothie' £7.99 - I'm FINALLY trying one of these out! I've put off for so long because of mixed reviews, but thought I need to try it out for myself

* Revlon matte lipstick in '002 Pink pout' - £7.49 (free in the 3 for 2)

* Next perfume in 'Paradise' £8.00 - This is more of a summer scent but I love it!

* Real Techniques shading brush £6.99 - Now this, I bought for my kit ;) See, I was kinda being good!

That's all for my teeny haul

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Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Green Christmas eyes....

Time for a little green eye look, another favourite colour of mine to wear :)

For this look I used:

* I applied NYX jumbo eye pencil in 'Horse raddish all over my lid and stopped at the crease, and then applied NYX jumbo eye pencil in 'Cottage cheese' on the rest of my lid and tear duct
* I used MAC 'Phloof as my highlight and in the tear duct, the applied Soap and Glory 'Pint T in the crease
* I then used Too Faced 'Jealous?' all over my lid but stopped at the crease, and the applied MAC 'Humid' into the outer V and blended into the crease
* I took 'Jealous?' and applied it to my lower lashline, followed by Barry M glitter liquid liner in '07'
* Lastly I applied MUA liquid liner and mascara

What's your favourite colours to wear over the Christmas period?

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Weekly favourites....

Extra short post this week, only two things made it to my faves. Mainly because I've been trying to use up two eyeshadows: an MUA and a No7 and I finally finished the No7! There's something quite exciting about finishing a make up product. So with me trying to use those two up, I haven't been reaching for anything else. Enough of the babbling:

* Barry M lipgloss - I'm not sure on the shade because I got this attached to an Impulse bodyspray, but it's a gorgeous pink colour and goes so well with my 'silk' lipliner from Prestige

* Tangle teezer - My new favourite hair brush. I've already written a review on this, all I have to say is go out and buy this bad boy!!!

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Thanks fore reading :)

S xx

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Favourite Christmas Films....

Just a short post today. It's only days away from Christmas day so I thought I'd get into the Christmas spirit (Who am I kidding, I've been in the Christmas spirit since December 1st!!) by watching some Christmas Films. These are my favourite:

* Dr Suess 'How the Grinch stole Christmas', 'Scrooged', 'National Lampoon's Christmas vacation' and 'Santa Claus the movie'

My fave part of Scrooged is when Bill Murray gets hit in the face by the fairy and she says to him 'It'ssssssss a TOASTER' It has me in stitches every single time!!

What are you're fave Christmas films?

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Soap and Glory bargain....

Just a short post to tell you all about a great deal currently on in Boots, and just in time for Christmas might I add ;) Soap and Glory 'Best of all'. Nine full size products worth £60 for a grand total of........£27!!!! How great is that?! In the bag (The bag is pretty cool too!) you get the following:

The righteous butter

Hand food

Sugar crush

Smoothie star

Heel genius

Clean on me

Peaches and clean

Sexy mother pucker 'punch bowl'

Thick and fast mascara

I'm so happy I got one of these because I haven't really tried that many Soap and Glory bath/skincare products so this is the perfect opportunity. I have tried and loved the hand food and 'Thick and fast' mascara, and I'm dying to try peaches and Clean. Cant wait to use them :D

I have a facebook page now where I'll be uploading pictures of looks and updates on my butt kicking to get my business up and running if you'd like to 'like' it 

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Friday, 14 December 2012

Fab product - Tangle teezer....

I finally bought a tangle teezer, yup a billion years after everyone else. I put off buying one for so long because if I'm honest I though '£10 for a hair brush is a bit much' Oh how wrong I was! I always back comb the front section of my hair into a 'bump' 'quiff' 'poof' whatever you wish to call it, and each night I literally pull my hair out getting the tangled mess I made. Well not any more  The tangle teezer lives up to it's name and doesn't pull a single hair. The first time I used it I brushed my hair straight after with a regular brush because I genuinely didn't think that my hair was tangle free, but it was!! No need for a regular brush now I've found this little gem. I also noticed there was about four hairs left in the tangle teezer after using it, whereas in the brush I usually use almost every hair from my head is left in it!

Can't believe how amazing this is, I hugely recommend getting one. it's totally worth the money!

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Christmas nails - snowman....

Who wants to build a snowman?

I couldn't decide if I wanted a light or dark background so I did both

For the Light nail I used:

* Barry M '317 Blue Moon' and added gold dots usimg W7 'Gold Dazzle'

For the dark nail I used:

* 2true 'Shade 3' and added a coat of Collection 'Sparkle top coat' just to add some extra sparkle, and then used Barry M ' 319 Foil' for the silver dots'

For the Snowman I used:

* Barry M '66 Matte white' Avon nailware pro 'licorice' and Essie 'Orange, it's obvious'

Thank for reading :)

S xx

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Career Update....

As the saying goes 'new year new start' and a new start it shall be! I've been slacking quite a bit this year as far as making my dream job a reality, for a number of reasons. Mainly because one thing after another has happened this past year and I had to put the breaks on things. Another big reason being I've lost my confidence a little, and I'm trying to get it back. I've decided to remember how much I love doing people's make up and love making them feel better about themselves, and let that be my motivation.

Plan  of Action:

I've done a Monica Bing again and written list upon list of everything I need to do to achieve my goal, and this time there shall be no slacking!

1- Buy the rest of my kit - Whenever I have spare money I WILL be buying pieces for my kit! I want to pick up some of the real techniques brushes and have my eye on a fair few Inglot eyeshadows

2 - Learn to drive - I've given myself a deadline and I WILL have my provisional by the end of March. This is the thing I fear the most, I'm terrified of learning to drive but it's something that has to be done

3 - Get business cards sorted - I'm actually in the process of getting these (yey me) I just need to figure out which ones I want. I've fallen in love with eight different designs.....eeeek

4 - PRACTICE, PRACTICE and PRACTICE - If I want to get to where I want to be then I need to be confident in what I'm doing, and currently I'm not. So family and friends beware, I'm coming for you with a make up brush mwahahaha

5 - Get cracking on my portfolio - This is something that I'm really excited about starting. I already have my ideas in my head, now I just need to make them happen

6 - Last but not least get my self out there - I need to start looking for jobs make up related and find me some experience. My plan is to find as many Make Up Artists in my area that are looking for an assistant. I'm completely dedicated to making this work so if I end up having to wash make up brushes for a few days then so be it. Can't be scared of hard work and getting your hands dirty right?

I was completely dedicated to making this work from the very start, but now I know how much I want and need this to become reality so I'm going to work my backside off and make it happen!!

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Christmas nails - Candy canes....

Oooooh not long until Christmas now!! Time for.....another nail design ;) Candy Cane time, for all of you with a sweet tooth:

For this I used:

* Essie 'Fifth Avenue' (Can you tell I love this colour? haha) then marked the stripes with masking tape and used Barry M '66 Matte white'
* For the Candy canes I used a tooth pick to create the shape with 'Barry M 'Matte White' the flipped the tooth pick around and added little red stripes

Have you got any Christmas nail designs you're loving?

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas golden eye....

And I'm (finally) back. Time for another Christmas eye. Christmas wouldn't be complete without some Golden glitter right? I've actually worn this look on a regular basis and love it.

Here's what I used:

* NYX Jumbo eye pencil in 'Iced Mocha' all over the lid, stopping at my crease. And NYX Jumbo eye pencil in 'Cottage Cheese' as highlight and inner tear duct
* I used MAC 'Blanc Type' as brow bone hightlight and 'Phloof' in the tear duct
* I then used Soap and Glory 'Pink T' in the crease as a transition colour
* I applied 'Shade 7' from MUA 'Going for gold palette' on the inner third of my eye and 'Shade 3' on the outer two Thirds
* I then too Soap and Glory 'Aubersheen' on a fluffy blending brush and added this to my outer 'V' and blended into the crease
* For my lower lashline I used Collection Glam Crystals glitter liner in 'Funk'
* And last I used Gosh Velvet touch waterproof eyeliner in 'Truly Brown' on my upper lashline, waterline and tightline, and then applied mascara

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Saturday, 8 December 2012

I heart Christmas TAG....

There's always TAG video's flying about on Youtube and I came across the 'I heart Christmas' tag and thought it was a fun one to do. However I've changed a few questions up, here we go:

1- What do you want for Christmas?

* Daniel Craig? haha I wish! Mainly just make up things I think. I have a 'wish list' on Pinterest :P

2 - Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

* Always on Christmas day, I don't think I'd like to open any on Christmas Eve

3 - What is your favourite Holiday drink form Starbucks?

* This is the first year that I've ever tried a Christmas coffee from starbucks thanks to my little cousin. I'm now addicted to Toffee Nut Latte's

4 - What is your favourite Christmas film?

* Oooh this is a tough one, I have two faves: The Grinch and Scrooged

5- Is your Christmas tree real or fake?

* We always have a fake tree

6- What do you do on Christmas Eve?

* This completely depends on whether I'm working or not. If I'm not then I usually go out for coffee/food with friends, then home shower and PJ's and stick on a Christmas film

7- Do you have any Christmas traditions?

* Not really. Usually on Christmas morning my sister comes down to our house with my niece and nephew and we all open presents. Then she either comes back down for Christmas dinner or for Christmas Tea

8- What is your favourite Christmas song?

* I love 'Last Christmas' by Wham

9- What is your favourite Christmas food?

* Definitely Turkey....and Chocolate. Not together though, that'd just be wrong!

10- What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

* Spending time with my Family and seeing my niece and nephew get all excited that Santa has been <3

TAG you're it! Why not give this tag a go?

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Weekly Favourites....

I'm not here on Sunday and Monday so I thought I'd post this weeks favourites a day early. Every time I try and schedule a post it never works!

* MUA 'Going for gold' palette - It's so difficult to find a gold eyeshadow that's true to colour, but MUA have done it. There's so many pretty shades of gold in this palette from cool tone to warm tone. This is perfect for Christmas, I've been wearing this pretty much all week

* MUA cream blush in 'Yummy' - I fell in love with this blush the first time I bought it and have fallen in love again. I try to rotate my blushes just so I use them all, but I always come back to my MUA. Especially this one

* Prestige lip liner in 'silk' - This is probably my all time favourite lip liner. It's a 'my lips but better' and whenever I apply this and then a lipstick, the lippy lasts all day! Only bad thing is I'm almost out of this and I don't know where to buy another :(

* The body shop 'Hemp hand protector' - I bought this last winter and it's still going strong, although I think I'll need to purchase a new one pretty soon. This is by far the best hand cream I've ever used. I've had REALLY dry hands this week and as soon as I applied this, the dryness disappeared

* Cover girl lipstick in '405' - Again I've been reaching for this lippy. It's such a pretty colour and matches the prestige lip liner very well

Have a great weekend all

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Friday, 7 December 2012

Berry and Chocolate eyes....

I love burgundy and berry colours, however I have trouble wearing them because I'm cool toned. BUT I found a way to wear them and thought I'd make it into a Christmas look by adding a little gold ;) Here's what I came up with:

For this look I used:

* I applied NYX jumbo pencil in 'Cottage cheese'onto my brown bone and onto the inner half of my eyelid. I then used NYX jumbo pencil in 'Iced Mocha' on my outer half
* I used MAC 'blanc Type' as a highlight and then added Soap and Glory 'Pink T' as a transition colour.
* I then packed Gosh 'Burgundy' onto the inner half of my lid and Soap and glory 'Aubersheen' (You can also used MAC Satin Taupe) onto the outer half, making sure to blend both colours
* For the outer V and crease I used MAC 'Mystery and blended
* To add a little something extra I applied MUA 'Shade 7' from the Going for gold palette along my lower lashline
* Finishing off with MUA liquid liner along my upper lashline and two coats of mascara

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Christmas nails take 3....

Another nail design coming your way 'The HOLLY and the Ivy.......'

I actually quite stupidly painted this upside down! What a div:

For this I used:

* Barry M '66 Matte white' all over the nail
* Essie 'Fifth Avenue' for the berries and Barry M '284 Emerald Green' for the leaves
* Barry M ' 320 Foil Effects' for the dots

For this I think you could paint your other nails Red, Green, Gold or White and it would look great!

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Christmas decoration....

Christmas is well on it's way and it's time to put the tree up for another year. My sister came down the other day armed with red and white felt and a promise of making a Christmas stocking for the tree, and that she did. I thought I'd do a quick post to show you all because it's a great idea, especially if you're on a budget and want cheaper alternatives for tree decorations:

She cut the red felt into the shape of the stocking and stitched both sides together using white wool 'to make it more Christmassy' then added some white sparkly felt along the top, and made a button with the red felt. Pretty nifty right? And because we both love ice skating, she added a little 'blade' along the bottom ;)

Will you be hanging any home made decorations from the tree this year?

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Christmas nails take 2....

Time for another Christmas nail design, I'm loving playing about with nail varnish! This time 'O Christmas tree! O Christmas tree'

For this I used:

* Barry M '320 Foil effects' on all of my nails
* China Glaze 'Glittering Garland' for the Christmas Tree
* Essie 'Tour de Finance' (pink) Essie 'Fifth Avenue' (Red) and Barry M 'Cyan blue' for the baubles and the dots on my thumb
* The star is from a pack of nail stickers I had from Bodycare

You could do this without the Baubles on the Christmas tree, but I wanted a little extra colour

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Monday, 3 December 2012

Gift idea....

Every Christmas I buy my niece and nephew sweets to go along with their presents, and I wanted to do something different this year. So I decided to make them up a sweetie jar:

I just thought it would be nice to give them something different because they'll probably have selection boxes coming out of their ears!

If you wanted to do something similar for a friend/sister why not fill a jar with miniature make up products? I'm pretty sure a lot of the make up counters out there give out samples of mascara and perfumes. I think I might make myself one of those haha

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Small haul....

I'm trying SO hard not to buy myself anything until after Christmas because I still have some prezzies to buy. However I failed and bout a few things over the weekend....oops!

I needed (OK wanted) a new bag and fell in love with this one from Primark for £9.00:

When you buy a new bag, gotta ave a new purse right? £4.00 Although I picked up the purse then the bag.........

Next was H&M for a new jumper. Love this one and it was only £14.99

And lastly some beauty. Sally Hansen nail varnish in 'Dorian Grey' £1.00 from poundland and Limited Collection 'Butterfly' perfume £3.00 from Marks and Spencer:

I'm going to try and behave now and not buy anything else.OK who am I kidding? We all know I will :P

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Purple Christmas eyes....

Today I thought I'd do a purple eye look for Christmas. I love wearing purple's anyway but especially at Christmas time because I can add a little glitter :P

For this look I applied NYX jumbo pencil 'Purple' on my lid and stopped at my crease. I then added a little NYX jumbo pencil in 'Cottage cheese' to my brow bone and tear duct area for highlight

* I applied MAC 'Phloof' onto my brow bone and tear duct, the used Soap and Glory 'Pink T' as a transition colour to help the colours blend

* For shadows, I applied MAC 'Trax' all over my lid, then took MAC 'Shadowy Lady' onto a 217 and added this to my outer V and blended it into my crease

* I then applied MUA liquid liner along my upper lashline, took MAC 'satellite dreams' onto my lower lashline and added two coats of mascara

* No look is complete without the glitter so I applied Collection Glam Crystals 'Shake it up' on top of the black liner

Hope you enjoyed

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Weekly Favourites....

Time for another weekly faves post, there won't be one next week because I'm away for sunday and Monday but shall be back on Tuesday :)

* Aapril exfoliating scrub cream - I LOVE this! Best exfoliator I've used by far. I notice a difference with my skin as soon as I dry my face

* e.l.f blush in 'Berry Merry' - Perfect shade for this time of year. I love berry and mauve  shades anyway and this is beautiful

* e.l.f blush in 'Blushing rose' - Same as above. This is a very similar shade to 'Berry Merry' when applied to the cheeks except this has a gold sheen to it and 'Berry Merry' has gold shimmer. Both gorgeous

* Sally Hansen color comfort Lipstick in 'Soft Orchid' - Gorgeous Mauve shade, I absolutely love this lipstick <3

What have you been loving this week?

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Christmas nails take 1....

As it's December and the countdown to Christmas is on, I thought I'd put up a Christmas themed post every day up until Santa comes :P Today's post is......Snowflake nails:

For this I used:

* Technic nail varnish in 'Monnlit Jade' and for the snowflakes I used Barry M '319 Foil'

I'd probably wear this on my ring finger as an accent nail and paint the other nails silver and maybe add the dots on my Index finger using the 'Moonlit Jade' If you don't have a silver, white work work just as well.

More nails art coming up

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Friday, 30 November 2012

Monthly empties....

It's the end of November already!!!!!! I think I've said this almost every month but how fast is this year going? :On Time once again for my monthly empties post:

Make up:

* Soap and Glory eyeshadow in 'Vanilla' - One of my all time favourite highlight colours, I'd definitely repurchase
* MAC Paint pot in 'Barestudy' - LOVE this for an eyeshadow base, such a pretty champagne colour. Another definite repurchase
* MAC eyeshadow in 'Phloof' - One of my favourite MAC eyeshadow's, I already have a back up ;)
* MUA Extreme felt liner - I love this liner! Easy to use, stays put all day, super pigmented and very inexpensive. This is the third one I've used up and one I'll continue to repurchase
* Collection Lasting perfection concealer - Holy grail concealer for me, I can't not have this in my make up bag. TIP - When you think you're finished the tube, chop the bottom off. There's SO much product in the very bottom
* 17 Miracle Matte pressed powder - Another Holy grail product for me and one I've repurchased time and time again

Skin/hair care:

* Superdrug cucumber face wipes - Part of my daily skincare routine, absolutely love them!
* No7 Beautiful skin purifying exfoliator - I didn't really notice that much of a difference when I used this, so I wouldn't repurchase
* Carmex 'Original' - An absolute staple product for everyone. Winter is coming and I always get dry lips so this is perfect. This also works amazing at getting rid of cold sores
* Freederm - I have a love/hate relationship with this. For some reason sometimes it works literally straight away, and sometimes it doesn't work at all. I'd still repurchase because when it does work, it's great
* Batiste dry shampoo - Yet another Holy grail product for me. This stuff s an absolute life saver and I can't be without it


* Impulse 'Loving words' - This is pretty much in all of my Monthly empties posts. Such a sweet gorgeous scent
* Avon 'Secret fantasy star' perfume - I can't say I was too keen on this scent, it's kind of a musky vanilla smell. Wouldn't repurchase
* H&M Eau de toilette spray in 'Me and my guava' - This is gorgeous. A summery fruity scent that lasts pretty well on the skin. I think I'd buy this again

That's it for this month. Eeek the next one will be the end of 2012!

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Small avon skincare haul....

It seems like so long ago that I bought anything from Avon! I got my order through today and thought I'd do a short haul post about what I bought :

* Solutions complete balance mattifying toner £3.00
* Solutions complete balance regime trial kit for combination skin. Contains - day cream, night cream and deep cleansing clay mask £5.00
* Clearskin professional blemish mark treatment £2.50

I can't wait to try these all out! I'm going to wait until I've used the majority of my skincare up and then give these a whirl. I love the little trial pack, perfect size products to try out and see how you like them.

Have you tried out any of the 'Solutions' range?

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Holy Grail item #8....

Time for another 'Holy grail' product, this time skincare.

Clean and Clear dual action moisturiser:

I first bought this quite a few months ago because I watched 'Msbudgetbeauty' on Youtube rave about it. And it's definitely worth the rave! Whenever I have a spot I slap a dollop of this on and within a couple of hours it's gone! I do use this as a moisturiser too and I have to say that it keeps spots at bay, but works so much better as a spot treatment.

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Monday, 26 November 2012

Holy grail item #7....

A few moths a go I posted some of my 'Holy grail' items and since then I've remembered a few more. Today's is Batiste dry shampoo:

I can't live without this! I wash my hair every other day, and sometimes on the morning I need to wash my hair it looks like it needs a little pick me up. That's where this beauty comes in. Many people shy away from dry shampoo because it can leave your hair white, but I never find that happens with this. When I use it, I spry it wherever I need it then leave it for a few minutes to 'soak in' and then with my fingers I rub it in then style as usual. I find that if I brush this through my hair it sometimes looks like I haven't applied it. Tropical is my absolute favourite, smells of coconuts mmmmmmmm

If you haven't already tried this out, then go buy some you won't be disappointed!

Thanks for reading :)

S xx