Friday, 31 August 2012

Monthly empties....

Monthly empties time again, I have quite a few to get through this month so I'll get started.

First up : Make up -

* Soap and glory Thick and Fast mascara - Yes! I love this, it made my lashes look long and full
* MUA extreme felt liner - Yes! This is now my everyday liner and I've already repurchased a new one
* 17 pressed powder - Yes! This is my everyday powder, I love it.
* Collection lasting perfection foundation - Yes! I would repurchase this if I couldn't get my hands on Revlon colorstay

Skincare -

* Clean and clear dual moisturiser - Yes! This is part of my everyday skincare routine and I love it, it helps keep spots at bay
* Clean and clear deep cleansing lotion - No! I didn't notice any difference in my skin when I used this
* Clean and clear exfoliating face wash - Yes! I would repurchase this again, if I couldn't get hold of the clinique rinse off foaming cleanser

* Kleenex Facial cloths - Yes! I love these and have already repurchased the full size box
* Kleenex eye make up removal wipes - No! I had to rub quite hard to remove my eye make up and a little while after, just under my eyes started to sting
* Kleenex shine absorbing sheets - Yes! These are really good as they don't have any powder on them, and they're small and handy to keep in your bag

* Simple babywipes - Yes! I'll always buy these. They're so handy for removing make up, they don't have any scent which I like and (it sounds weird) but they're actually wet unlike most babywipes
* Superdrug cucumber 4 in 1 face wipes - Yes! Again another part of my everyday skincare routine. I love the smell of these
* Lavera wild rose eye gel - Yes! I have a different eye cream that I want to use up, once that's gone I'll definitely be repurchasing this


* Britney Spears curious perfume - Yes! I love this for everyday perfume
* Mitchum deodorant - Yes! My everyday deodorant, it does what it says
* Cacharel amor amor perfume - Yes! I love this scent. This used to be the perfume I always wore on nights out
* Impulse loving words bodyspray - Yes! LOVE this bodyspray, such a summery scent

Bath and hair:

* Aussie miracle hair insurance leave in conditioner - No! The only thing I like about this was the smell. It did nothing for my hair at all
* Superdrug nail varnish remover - Yes! To me nail varnish remover is nail varnish remover, this didn't have too strong a scent which I liked
* Nivea diamond touch body wash - Yes! I love this. The smell is amazing, it lathered up really well and left my skin SO soft that I didn't feel the need to moisturise
* Soap and Glory clean girls body wash - No! I realllly didn't like the small of this at all. The body wash itself was really good, but the scent completely put me off


Phew and that's it for another month. No doubt I'll hae a lot of things next month too :P

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S xx

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Latest in Beauty box....

Another month, another latest in beauty little beauty box:

* First up is the Lavera wild rose lipsome intensive cream. I won't lie, I chose this purely because it smells of rose :P I've also fallen in love with their wild rose eye gel, which has now become part of my everyday routine

* Next up is Melvita moisturising rose nectar. Again I got this purely because of the scent: 

* Last but not least is sun shots sun cream. I picked this out purely because nothing else caught my eye:

* Lavera wild rose eye gel review

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S xx

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Battle of waterproof liners....

Time for another battle. This time: waterproof eyeliners. I wear liner everyday but I use liquid/gel to line along my upper lashline. However on nights out I like to darken up my eyes with a pencil liner on my tightline and waterline, so I go for a waterproof pencil to make sure it stays put all night. I have four that I've been testing out:

* Avon supershock gel eyeliner: £6.00 - Definitely waterproof and super pigmented. You barely have to add any pressure to get full colour. Perfect for tightline and waterline

* Gosh velvet touch: £4.99 - Not as pigmented as Avon or Barry M but great for waterline. Stays put all day without transferring to waterline. Does tend to drop after a while when applied to waterline

* Barry M bold: £3.99 - Creamy and smooth to apply, smooth as liquid liner and lasts all day. Perfect for tightline, does drop slightly on waterline

* Jemma Kidd I glamour define: £14.00 - This is better for upper and lower waterline because it isn't as creamy as the others. It's not as pigmented so you have to swipe a couple of times to get full colour

Winner - Avon 'supershock' with Barry M 'Bold' coming in a very close second. Avon wins slightly because it's a little more creamy, and a little more pigmented

* Most pigmented - Avon supershock
* Least pigmented - Jemma kidd and Gosh
* Smoothest to apply - Avon supershock
* Not so smooth to apply - Jemma kidd

Avon review
Barry M review

My second 'non beauty' blog

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S xx

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Review - Sleek eau la la liner....

I've always been a huge fan of the red lip, I adore pin up looks! And since I've fallen in love a little bit  (huge girl crush) with Rita Ora, I'm loving the red lip a teeny bit more now. I was shopping in Superdrug the other day and noticed the eau la la liners from sleek, and spotted a red one called 'Moulin Rouge' - How cool is that name please? Anyway, I was in the market for a new red liner, and these sleek ones (for eyes and lips!!) are smudge and waterproof! Hello sexy red lips still intact after a drunken night out!

My cousin and I went out for food, drinks and to the theatre the other night so I thought this would be the perfect time to put this to the test -  would it stay put after food and drink? Yup! This stayed on (just as vibrant as when I'd first applied it) for 8 hours. The only thing about this that I wasn't too keen on was that for the first 2 hours it felt kind of sticky, but soon after it dried. This wasn't at all drying to my lips, and after taking a drink I noticed the teeniest amount of red on the glass. I will definitely be buying more of these, I've got my eyes on a very pretty pink one ;)

The lowdown:

* £4.99
* 20 Colours
* Extremely pigmented
* Creamy and smooth to apply
* Can be used on eyes, lips and face/body

Where to buy - sleek and Superdrug

My second 'non beauty' blog

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Monday, 27 August 2012

Review - Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain....

Here's a product that I'm pretty sure everyone owns - Revlon's just bitten kissable balm stain!

I bought mine (eventually) last week and after the first application I knew that this would be something that I'd reach for all of the time. I got it in 'lovesick' which is a pretty, bright pink.

I'd say this is pretty buildable, it's not really sheer but with a light hand or even just dabbing it gently onto the lips it gives a nice subtle hint of colour. I love that you just twist the bottom instead of needing to hunt down a pencil sharpener, very handy! I applied this at 6:30am whilst getting ready for work and by 4pm it was still there! It wasn't as vibrant as when I'd first applied it, but I didn't expect it to be to be honest.
I think I may have to get a few more of these beauties to try out, the red one looks gorgeous!!

£5.99 - boots and superdrug

Has anyone tried out the the dupe of these from the poundshop? Think I may go on the hunt for some and maybe do a comparison post? 

My second 'non beauty' blog

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S xx

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Weekly favourites....

I won't waffle on this week, let's get into this weeks faves:

Likes - 

* Benefit posietint
* Benefit benetint
I do like both the posietint and benetint on my cheeks when I want just a subtle hint of colour. But on my lips I'm not too keen. When it starts to fade, I'm left with a lot of colour on the inside of my mouth and it looks like I've been eating an ice lolly!!
* Collection skyscraper mascara

Not so likes - 

* L'oreal color mineral - dessert shimmer' This is actually a nice colour, but for me personally it's too warm toned

Faves - 

* Barry M dazzle dust in shade 53
* Barry M dazzle dust in shade 14
* Barry M dazzle dust in shade 51

Extra faves - 

* Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain in 'lovestruck'
* No7 lip liner in 'nude'
* MUA lovehearts lip balm in 'great lips'

Until next time.......

My second 'non beauty' blog

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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Review - Avon supershock gel liner....

Two of the first youtubers I ever watched are the pixiwoo sisters. If you haven't already watched any of their video's, go check them out! One product that always seems to come up when they do any tutorials is the Avon supershock gel eyeliner:

Being an eyeliner fiend I had to get this to try out and see if it was as good as they say it is!! It is literally a gel liner in stick form (hence the name haha) It's so smooth and creamy to apply, which at first I was a bit 'hmmmm' about because I found it quite hard to apply along my upper lashline. However this really isn't a problem because with pencil liners I usually apply them to my waterline and tightline, but obviously I wanted to try this out properly so applied it to my tightline, waterline, upper and lower lashline.

What I found:

* Tightline - Smooth and easy to apply - just glides on with no effort at all. Extremely pigmented. Lasted around 6 hours (would've been longer but I removed my make up) and didn't budge. One thing I did notice is that after applying it and I blinked, it transferred to my waterline

* Waterline - Again smooth and easy to apply. Extremely pigmented. Lasted around 6 hours without dropping or smudging. One thing I loved about applying this to my waterline was that I could get right into the inner corner (tearduct area) with no smudging. Every other liner I try this with always smudges

* Upper lashline - Creamy and smooth application. However I found it difficult to get a thin line and couldn't wing it out the way I wanted to. It did stay put though and lasted all day

* Lower lashline - Creamy and smooth to apply, easily smudged before drying. Stayed put for around 4 hours then started to drop slightly

The lowdown:

* £6.00
* 2 colours
* Very waterproof
* Extremely pigmented
* Smooth and creamy to apply
* Very long lasting

This is an eyeliner I'd highly recommend and will definitely be repurchasing again!

Have you tried this out?

Available to buy online

Thanks for reading  :)

S xx

Friday, 24 August 2012

Battle of MUA liners....

We all know I love many things, two of those things - MUA and eyeliner, mix the two together and we have a winner! MUA is actually the liner I use every day, the only problem I have is I can't decide which one to use each morning; so let's battle it out:

* Extreme liner
* Liquid liner
* Pencil liner
* Gel liner

First up - Extreme felt liner:

* £2.00
* Extremely pigmented
* Easy to use
* Doesn't smudge
* Lasts all day

Liquid liner:

* £1.00 
* Extremely pigmented
* Great consistency, not too runny
* Plastic tip applicator
* Doesn't smudge
* Lasts all day
* Easy to use

Pencil liner:

* £1.00
* Extremely pigmented
* Very smooth
* Does smudge
* Doesn't last on the waterline without dropping
* Great for a smoky eye
* Great as a base
* Sharpener in the lid

And lastly - Gel liner:

* £3.00
* Smooth application
* Doesn't smudge
* Extremely pigmented 
* Lasts all day
* Comes with a brush in the lid

It's pretty hard for me to compare the felt, liquid and gel liners because they all do the same (amazing) job. They're pigmented, stay on all day and don't smudge. I go through fazes of which I prefer, when I first bought the liquid liner that's all I used and the same for the gel. When I first used the extreme felt liner, I didn't know if I liked it. It wasn't anything to do with the actual product, I just found felt liners (in general) a bit weird and hard to use. However, that's the one I reach for every day now and I love it.
The pencil liner is probably my least favourite, only because on the rare occasion I do wear pencil liners I like waterproof. This is, however, great for smoky eyes and as a base colour. And for £1.00 who can complain?!

WINNER - So hard to choose but (for now) The extreme felt liner

Which is your favourite?

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Review: Lavera organic wild rose gel....

I got this eye cream/gel in my last latest in beauty box and have been using it for the past four weeks. I absolutely love it and  come pay day, shall be buying the full size!

A few weeks back I noticed that I had a few fine lines under my eyes :O and wanted to find a good eye cream. So I started to use this and fell in love (it smells of rose - heaven!!!) and after the first week of using it I noticed that the fines lines were starting to disappear, and the purple-ness under my eyes has really faded!!

What the website says: ' It's important to take extra special care of your eyes, as the skin is much thinner and sensitive than the rest of your face. The Nourishing Eye Gel is a light, creamy gel that gently moisturises the delicate eye area. You'll notice a wonderful firm feeling and reduction of dehydration lines immediately after application. Try keeping your eye gel in the fridge for an extra cooling and revitalising boost that will be sure to banish puffy eyes and dark circles.'

I think the texture is between a gel and a cream, it dries into the skin so quickly and leaves it feeling very soft and smooth. If you're in the market for a new eye cream, I'd say give this ago. I've tried a few eye creams before and have ended up giving up using them because I never noticed a difference, but I can see me repurchasing this over and over!

* Where to buy:

I think I might have to try more of their products out! Especially the Rose scented ones ;p

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Collection: Barry M nail paints....

I thought to go along wit my Barry M dazzle dusts post, I'd do my nail paints collection. I absolutely love these, definitely my favourite nail varnish and SO cheap too! After going through my collection, I'm feeling the need to go out and buy yet more :P

Lets get started:

* 66 - matte white
* 319 - foil
* 293 - grey
* 320 - foil effects
* 310 - mushroom

* 262 - bright red (my most used, LOVE this)
* 150 - red glitter (looks so pretty on top of the bright red)
* 273 - raspberry 
* 142 - lilac foil
* 303 - bright purple

* 317 - blue moon
* 294 - cyan blue
* 291 - cobalt blue
* 312 - indigo

Last but not least:

* 304 - mint green
* 284 (I got this in a set)
* 311 - nail effects

Does anyone have any recommendations of more colours I should get? I think I may need all of the glitters :P

Thanks for reading :) 

S xx

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Haulage time....

I met a friend for coffee yesterday and whilst waiting for her decided to pick up a couple of things, not a lot but I wanted to share :)

First up: The poundshop...

* Miss sporty mini me lip liner in 'bubble gum'
* Miss sporty lipstick in 'love me'
* Miss sporty ultra shine gloss in 'VIP look'

* NYC cheek glow in 'outside cafe'
* NYC smooth skin pressed powder in 'translucent'

* Nivea length extreme resist mascara in 'brown'

From Boots and Superdrug

* Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain in 'Lovesick' £5.99 in Boots
* Sleek eau la la liner in 'Moulin Rouge' £4.99 in Superdrug

I've tried out the Revlon just bitten and I'm in LOVE!!!!

Thanks for reading :)

P.S: I have a second blog that's non beauty related, feel free to check it out :)

Thanks for reading :)

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