Sunday, 30 September 2012

Weekly favourites....

Time for this weeks faves again, let's start with 'on the fence':

Jemma Kidd I-glamour volume mascara (My camera point blankly refused to focus on this, hence no picture) I got this free in a magazine a while back and liked it but didn't like that it left me with panda eyes at the end of each day. Now I'm not so sure about it because for some reason the actual product has become really thick, and gets everywhere. It does lengthen my lashes, but it's a pain having black splodges everywhere.

Now onto faves:

* Bourjois trio in 'Les naturels' I used all three of these colours all week and they give a gorgeous neutral eye look. I've almost hit pan on the lightest shade :/
* Rimmel blush in 'Berry' I've had this sitting in my drawer for the longest time and am so glad I decided to fish it out! I don't think I'd say it was a berry colour but I'm loving it and it's deffo one that I'll be wearing through the Autumn months
* Sally hansen color comfort lip color in 'Sort orchid' I love love love this colour. It's like a mauve kind of shade and I just think it gives such a pretty colour to the lips

Now for 'extra faves':

* If you read my second blog you'll know that I am a complete book worm, and review books each week. This weeks book was Jayne Buxton's 'Lessons in shooting ducks' and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Keep an eye out for that review later on today ;)
* Final fave of the week is MUA's intense kisses high intensity gloss in 'lips are sealed' This went alongside the sally hansen lippy perfectly and lasted so long! I think a review may be needed!

That's all folks ;P

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Nail of the day....

I've wanted to try and paint my nails leopard print for so long but either don't have the time, or I totally mess it up. So, because I woke up at a ridiculous hour for a Saturday this morning, I decided to give it a go. Here's what I came up with. Not the best but I'm pretty happy with them for my first attempt :)

And here's what I used:

* First I chose which nails I wanted to paint leopard print, and painted them with Ciate's 'bon bon'
* Once dry I used Barry M's 'mushroom' and added random dots with the tip of the brush
* Then I used a dotting tool, from ebay, and Rimmel's 'black satin' and alternated between painting 'C' shapes and bracket shapes around the dots
* Last but not least I painted the rest of my nails with Essie's 'ballet slippers'  had to add 4 coats of this to get the colour I wanted because it's pretty sheer

What are you wearing on yours nails this Autumn?

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Friday, 28 September 2012

What's in my 'extra' travel bag....

As well as carrying around my make up bag, I have a little make up bag that I have other daily necessities in. I always had bits and bobs floating around in the bottom of my bag, so whenever I had a headache it took me ages to fish around and find my headache tablets. So I decided that I'd put everything in one little bag so I could just pull that out and have everything to hand:

* Virasorb cold sore cream
* MAX strength sore throat relief lozenges
* Breath refresher spray (you never know when you need fresh breath :p)
* Plasters
* Ibuprofen
* Mini sewing kit
* Mini nail file
* Mini nail clippers
* Nail varnish removal wipes

I also carry tissues and hand sanitiser around with me but they wouldn't fit in the little bag I use.

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Thursday, 27 September 2012

What's in my 'handbag make up bag'....

I used to carry my whole make up bag around with me but then I came to realise that the only things out of it that I used to use were my pressed powder and lipstick/lip gloss. So I decided to downsize and only carry things that I actually use on a daily basis:

Again sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, I'm still having to use a rubbish camera :(

* Balance me rose otto intensive lip salve
* 17 Miracle matte pressed powder
* elf flat top powder brush (the handle came off so it's now the perfect size for my make up bag)
* No7 extreme length mascara
* Colour S concealer (I got this in my college make up kit)
* Wet and wild eyeshadow in cream and Barry M eyeshadow brush (again the handle came off)
* Barry M bold waterproof eyeliner (incase I go out from work and want to add intensity to my eyes)
* A little pouch of clips and hair bobbles

Do you do this, or do you carry your whole make up bag around with you?

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Girl crush....

OK so if you've read my other 'non beauty' blog you'll see that I'm pretty much addicted to 'The girl with the dragon tattoo', if you haven't seen it already then go watch David Fincher's version.....and read the books. You won't be disappointed!!!

My reason for this post? I have a serious girl crush on Roony Mara! Apart from being absolutely gorgeous, and the perfect Lisbeth Salander, she's an amazing actress and I just felt like sharing it with the world..........

Thanks for reading (my randomness) :)

S xx

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

TAG - 10 products I would repurchase....

I've watched a few of the '10 products I would repurchase' tag videos on Youtube and as usual I wanted to play along too :)

In no particular order:

1: Revlon colorstay - This lasts on my face and stays where I put it all day long

2: Collection lasting perfection concealer - This has great coverage and staying power

3: 17 miracle matt pressed powder - I loved the regular pressed powder but I keep going back to this one because it seems to do a slightly better job and gives me a flawless finish

4: No7 eye make up remover - I love this! It removes any and all mascara's and eyeliners with little effort

5: MUA eyeshadow shade 20 - The best black I've used, even beats MAC's carbon in my opinion

6: MUA extreme felt liner - My all time favourite liner, one I always go back to

7: Soap and glory eyeshadow quad in what's nude - I've already hit pan big time on 'vanilla' This is the best palette for neutrals in my opinion, great colours, pigmentation and staying power

8: No7 amazing eyes eyeliner in brown - This is my favourite brown eyeliner, it's not too harsh and adds a little intensity to a brown smokey eye

9: No7 shine free primer - I love this stuff and don't know how I managed for so long without it. It mattifies my face and keeps my make up shine free and in place all day

10: Collection shimmer and shade highlighter - My favourite highlighter of all time. Such a subtle highlight that looks great on the cheek bone or brow bone

Well that's my top 10, which I found really hard to do because I have so many more products that I would repurchase again!

I tag you all to have a go

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Monday, 24 September 2012

Mini haul....

I went shopping over the weekend and because I haven't been posting on a daily basis like I usually do, I wanted to do a quick blog showing what I got to make up for my lack of posts.

Sorry for the quality of the pictures, I'm having to make do with a very rubbish camera for the time being :(


Red shorts - £5.00

Skull vest - £4.00

Burgundy 'converse' - £6.00


Skull T-shirt - £7.99

Superdrug and sally's:

* Superdrug cucumber facial wipes 99p
* MUA intense kisses lip gloss in 'lips are sealed' £2.00
* MUA 'going for gold' palette £4.00
* MUA immaculate collection palette Free when you spend £8.00 (I bought 2 things for my sister)
* Nina ultra pro nail varnish in 'red fox' £1.68 (from sally's)

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Weekly favourites....

Why are the weeks going by so fast? It's getting colder, which means winter is coming, which means Christmas is coming, which then means my Birthday is coming, which THEN means I'm a year older, which will make me cry....... OK I'm getting onto this weeks favourites!

Apologies for the quality of the pictures, my Blackberry is broken which is what I usually use to take my photos so I've had to make do with an old camera :(


* Gosh eyeshadow quad in Blooming Forest. I used the white all over and as a highlight, and switched between the dark teal and purple, such pretty colours
* MUA every lash mascara. I used this for a week the first time I bought it and wasn't totally sure about it, I'm loving it now though! I think it happens with most mascaras, once you open it and leave it for a week or two the formula dries slightly and it applies better (I also love the smell - it's fruity)

Lips and cheeks:

* NYA blush in 'outside cafe' This gives such a nice soft glow and I love it
* Nivea lipstick in '21 smoothie' This is a bright pink lipstick which isn't drying at all and it lasted 5 hours without fading!! Definitely think I'll be picking more of these up

That's it for this weeks faves

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Be confident....

Be confident. Be yourself.

I wanted to post something that I'd guess about 90% of people deal with day to day.

Some people have all the self confidence in the world, and some don't have any at all. Up until recently I didn't really have all that much, until I found my style and told myself  'if people don't like me, then that's their problem' It probably sounds weird to say 'I found my style' and this gave me confidence, but it really did. I pretty much have a 'rock chick' edge to my look now; wearing skull T-shirts, rock band T-shirts and my military boots all the time. And in all honesty, I feel so much more confident about myself now that I don't blend in with the crowd. I've never really been one for blending in, I've always wanted to stand out and not because I want people to look at me or pay me attention but because I don't see the point in everyone being the same as everyone else.

It's so much easier for someone to say 'just be yourself and don't let anyone get you down' but I think it's worth it. I spent so many years (as a teenager) trying to find out who I was and got constant little remarks from people I thought were friends about what I wore etc And I now realise it was because they themselves didn't know who they were and they were the insecure ones.

If I could go back to being a teenager I'd tell myself  'Wear what you want, do what you want and don't let anyone bring you down' Because that's what I tell myself every day now, and it works.

I hope this wasn't a rambley post, and that it helps someone who is lacking in the self confidence department. Just BE YOU!! 

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

I'm still alive....

Well Helloooooooooo there!!! I'm still alive......however my camera isn't :( Hence me being AWOL for a while. I use (used) my blackberry camera to take my pictures for my blog BUT I quite stupidly dropped my phone in a bucket of water and it died *cries* So I don't have a camera to take any pictures. I have an old camera kicking around somewhere so as soon as I find that I shall be back to my normal babbling self :P I'll apologise in advance for the quality of the photos because I don't think the camera's all that good.

Enough rambling, until then have a great weekend!

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Weekly favourites....

Time for my weekly faves again, this time I only have favourites, no likes and not so likes. So let's get to it:

• Collection skyscraper mascara
• Gosh trio in 'fudge' - I love the white colour and the dark brown

• Fashionista  blushes in 'Rose thrill' and 'Blushing'

• NYC lipstick in 'Valenteen' - Such a pretty mauve/pink colour

Extra faves:
• Nivea blush in 'Desert rose'
• David Fincher's 'The girl in the dragon tattoo' - I love this film! It's very much like the book

Well that's it for this week!

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Autumn is coming....

I've never been one for following rules, or following fashion. So you'll see me swanning around in the summer with black nails and in the winter with bright pink lipstick. That's just how I am. I wear whatever takes my fancy. However I do tend to wear Mauve's, berries and purples in the Autumn, because a) that's my favourite season and b) those are my favourite colours to wear. So I thought why not do a post on my favourite lipsticks, nail varnish etc for Autumn?
Here's what I have, and shall be wearing when those leaves start to fall:

• Elf 'posh'
• Collection 'Berry blast'
• MUA shades '1' and '2'
• MAC 'plumful'
• Sally Hansen 'Golden berry' and 'Soft orchid'

Lip liners:
* 17 'Valentine'
* MUA 'Brooding plum'

* elf 'mellow mauve'
* Nivea 'desert rose'
* Fashionista 'blushing'

Nail varnish:
* elf 'Mod mauve'
* Barry M ' Raspberry'
* Nails inc 'Tate'
* Rimmel 'Hypnotise'
Marks and spencer 'Aubergine'

Don't forget to check out my other 'non beauty' blog

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Review: Avon supershock gel liner....

I bought this liner after buying, trying and loving Avon's supershock gel liner in pencil form. I had really high hopes for the gel liner in a jar because I love the pencil so much. However, I'm kind of on the fence about it to be honest. I think it's more to do with the colour and pigmentation more than anything. I got mine in 'blackened metal' which at the time I thought would me more of a very dark grey/almost black, but I was wrong. It's more of a light slate grey with some silver glitter in it. I did find that the glitter doesn't actually transfer onto the eye which like.

The actual product itself is really nice. It's smooth to apply,glides onto the lid (I use Avon's angled liner brush when I apply this) and does last all day with no smudging at all. It dries really quick too which I like, unlike some others that I've tried. For me it's the colour and pigmentation that makes me not love it. I like my liner very black, and I guess you could get this darker if you layered it up but nobody really wants to pile loads of liner on their eye right? I do think though, that this would go great with a subtle smokey eye; maybe using greys and browns because it does give a nice smokey effect with being the grey colour. I'm still going to continue using this on the days if I ever want a subtle yet pretty liner.

It looks darker on this picture than it actually is

Have you tried this out, what do you think?

Thanks for reading :)

S xx