Monday, 30 April 2012


A little background information as to why I was in Birmingham at the weekend :P Basically in a nut shell: My sister and I had won tickets for a skating event late last year, and due to unforeseen circumstances it got cancelled :( HOWEVER in compensation, we got offered tickets to see Dancing on Ice at a venue of our choice, so we chose Birmingham.


We pulled up to Birmingham coach station to what can only be described as DULL weather, so we took cover in Nandos. Once lunch was over we thought it best to go to the arena and collect our tickets for the evening show to miss all the queues later on, the see if we could try find out hotel. Tickets collected then the search was on for the hotel. After wandering round for a wee while we found the hotel, by which time it was time to start getting reading for the show. Clean clothes put on and fresh make up applied we were ready to rock ;)
With our tickets being 'free' we figured that we'd have seats right at the back with a limited view, oh how wrong we were!! We were sat slap bang in the middle of the rink (not on the ice!) four rows from rinkside!!!

Our seats were amazing with a perfect view - Better than any seats I've paid for! 
The show, I have to say, was the best I think I've ever been too! The crowd was SO loud and the atmosphere was electric. The night got even better when we (me, my sister and our two friends) got chosen to go backstage!! Basically each show, Andy Collins, the warm up guy says that he has a VIP pass (the opportunity to go backstage and meet the celebs and pro skaters) for the people who shout and scream the loudest. Obviously we gave it some welly and screamed and jumped about like idiots so we'd win it. And WE WON! 
So after the show we had to go down to meet Andy so he could take us back to meet everyone. We got taken to the 'holding area' which is just basically a corridor with a ping pong table :P The celebs and skaters came out to take pictures with us and sign stuff for other competition winners. The only people we didn't get to see were Jayne and Chris because they were taking ice baths (sitting in tubs of ice so that their muscles don't ache the next day- all the celebs and skaters do too) BUT as luck would have it, we managed to see them as they were coming out of the arena in their car. They were SO sweet and stopped for us to take pictures and get things signed, even had a little chat with them too. My sister and I have had the chance to meet them a few times before, and they are the nicest, most down to earth, genuine people I think I have ever met!

SHOPPPPPPING!!! I've had my eye on the Fashionista blusher palettes for so long but my superdrug don't stock them. Luckily the Superdrug inside of the Bull ring is huge and had the full rang, so I picked one up :D We didn't really have much time to have a good luck around as we were catching our coach at 2pm, so decided to have a quick look in Forever 21, then met up with other friends that were seeing the show that evening. I had such an amazing weekend, don't think anything will top it anytime soon! And I'll definitely be going back to Birmingham to do some serious shopping haha

Some random pictures:

The canal by the NIA

The Bull ring

The Bull

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S xx

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Weekly favourites....

I haven't really been loving all that much this week to be honest. I'm trying to use all make up that I have, and just haven't really thought 'I love this product!' I do have three things that I have reached for most, which makes for a short but sweet post:

Clinique high impact mascara. I have a few of these sample sizes which I try to keep for weekends away/holidays but I've been using this all week.I'll definitely be buying the full size when I'm all out

MAC phloof eyeshadow. Probably my all time favourite MAC shadow

Last but not least Soap and glory eyeshadow in ' Dandy plum'

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S xx

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Teeny primark haul....

Whilst in Nottingham for the weekend we popped into primark (a weekend away wouldn't be the same if we didn't venture into primark and my sister didn't buy a hoody!! Love you sis :p)

Sooo here's what I picked up (it's really not all that exciting!!)

Pink long sleeve top £4.00

Blue long sleeve top £4.00

White vest £4.00

Rolling stones canvas bag £3.00

Owl brooch £1.50 (because it's cute :p)

London earings £2.00

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S xx

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Dancing on Ice and Nottingham weekend....

Friday 20th April, the adventure began.....Nottingham here we come!

4am and the alarm clock went off, for some stupid reason we decided to get down there really early so we had the full weekend to enjoy the sights....zzzzzzzzz

So we arrived in the pretty city, first stop: STARBUCKS! Serious amount of coffee was need that's for sure! We then went off to meet up with some of our friends that had arrived and to drop off our bags etc until we could check in, then back into market square to meet the rest of the gang. By this time it was actually time to check in woooohoooo. So we get to the Ice apartments where we were staying and one of our rooms wasn't ready, so we got an upgrade to the PENTHOUSE! Needless to say we all went loopy from the excitment, jumped around a bit (a lot) then unpacked!

Our view <3 Bolero square:

Nothing much was done on the Friday because we were all tired, so we popped out had a bit of a wander, bought wine and just basically chilled. I don't think any of us got any sleep to be honest, I swear there was a herd of elephants staying in the same apartments, banging around till 4am!!

Saturday 21st April, Show day :D

Once again the first thing on the agenda was starbucks of course, followed by a little bit of shopping then it was time to go see Dancing on Ice. Primark of course (haul blog coming up) and we found a quirky little sweet shop that sold all old fashioned sweets and american sweets! I was in my glory!!

Lucky charms bar anyone :P


For anyone who hasn't seen the show, you really need to it's SO good!! And anyone who has, how good is it?! We all know I'm a HUGE fan of Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean, but even if I wasn't I'd still say they were absolutely breathtaking! They present the whole show (very well may I add) and perform the opening routine, 2 of their own and the finale. It's such a great family show that everyone would love, even if you aren't into ice skating. 
The celebs involved are: 
Jorgie Porter 
Matthew Wolfenden 
Jennifer Ellison 
Heidi Range
Sam Attwater 
Chemmy Alcott
Andrew Whyment
Also big credit has to go to the pro skaters too, they are amazing at what they do!

After the show it was time to head back, chill for 5minutes then head to Nando's for food :D Then back for wine times. T o be honest not a lot was done in Nottingham but it was just nice to get away and chill.

Some pictures from Notts:

Definitely a city that I'll always go back too time an time again <3

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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Benefit 'Tan about town'....

Ok, so I had every intention for this post to be about the exciting time I had in Nottingham seeing Dancing on ice.....that was until I strolled into boots today and spotted this baby:

I was just paying for some pictures that I had just printed off and spotted this by the till (verrrrrrrrry smart move boots putting these by the tills) and obviously had to buy would've been rude not to right???

In the set you get: 
'Some kind-a gorgeous' in Medium 1.8g
Hoola bronzer 3.0g
Badgal lash mascara 4.0g

Needless to say I'm stupidly excited about this little bundle, that only cost.........£9.00!!!! Ok the products aren't massive, but they're the perfect size to sample the product and a GREAT size for travelling!  

'Some kind-a gorgeous'

Hoola bronzer

Badgal lash

And as an extra little gift, you get a free make over voucher

So my next mission is to see if Benefit do any other little packages, because they are definitely worth £9.00

Thanks for reading :) 



Monday, 23 April 2012

Favourite nail varnishes....

I've previously blogged about my favourite lipsticks and not long after starting my blog I posted my fave five products, and missed out nail varnish. SO I thought I'd rectify that and post it now, although I have 6 fave nail varnishes :P

Here they are: (in no particular order)

Nails inc. 'Tate' £11.00

Nails inc. 'Warwick avenue'  £11.00

Barry M nail paint 'bright red 262' £2.99

e.l.f 'Desert haze' £1.50

Barry M nail paint 'Grey 293' £2.99

OPI 'teenage dreams' £12.00

Each nail has two coats, massive appologies for my terrible nail painting skills!!

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

Thursday, 19 April 2012

What's in my: Travel make up bag....

I won't be posting over the weekend because I'm off to Nottingham to see Dancing on Ice....EXCITED!! Seriously Nottingham is one of my favourite cities ever, my friends and I always try to have a weekend there when we can, and what better excuse this time than the Dancing on Ice tour?!

I love watching peoples youtube video's of 'what's in my bag' and 'what's in my make up bag' (because I'm nosy like that haha) so figured I'd jump on the bandwagon and give it a go. I am taking a LOT more than I usually wear day to day, simply because I'm so indecisive and can't decided what eyeshadows and lipsticks to take with me so I'm taking a few so I can choose whilst I'm down there.

Anyway enough of me babbling, here's what's in my travel make up bag:


* Cargo activating face primer
* Garnier eye roll on
* Revlon colorstay foundation combination/oily in 'Sand beige'
* Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer in 'fair'
* Rimmel stay matte powder in 'Peach glow'
* e.l.f Blush and bronzing powder (I only use bronzer)
* Bourjois blush in 43 'cendre de rose brune'
* Playboy (tacky I know but it's pretty) blusher in 'Nymphette'
* Benefit high beam
I know I have 2 (well 3 if you count the e.l.f duo) blushes, but I use the bourjois if I contour and the palyboy if I don't


* MUA eyeshadow primer
* Maybelline color tatto in 'On and on bronze'
* Vivo trio in 'sugar plum'
* Saop and Glory quad in 'What's nude'
* MUA liquid eyeliner in 'Black'
* Gosh velvet touch waterproof eyeliner in 'Black ink'
* Topshop Khol eyeliner in 'Juniper'
* Collection 2000 Glam crystals dazzling gel liner in 'Shake it up'
* Collection 2000 Glam crystals dazzling gel liner in 'Funk'
* Clinique high impact mascara in 'Black'
* Rimmel professional eyebrow pencil in 'Dark brown'
Again I know I have a few eyeshadows and liners but I'm not sure what I want to wear when I'm down there and I'm there for 3 days and 2 nights so I'll be rockin' out different looks ;) And as for the glitter liners, has to be one when Dancing on Ice is in town :P


* Clinique Long last glosswear in 'Air kiss'
* Sally hansen color comfort lip colour in 'Baby pink'
* Sally hansen color comfort lip colour in ' Soft orchid'
* Collection 2000 Lasting colour in 'Berry blast'
* Collection 2000 Lasting colour in 'Sweet tart'
* MUA tinted lip balm in 'Great lips'
Same goes for lip products, different eye look means different lip colour for moi :)

 Now I just need to find a make up bag big enough for all this.......and hope it fits in my case!!

Have a great weekend everyone 

Thanks for reading :)

S xx