Monday, 30 January 2012

Birthday eyes...

Finally I've hit the grand old age of 26!! And to celebrate, I'm off out tonight with my friends for an Italian.......and many bottles of wine. Maybe I can cross one of my 27 things to do before I'm 27 - Go to work with a stinking hangover :P After playing about with some make up looks, I came up with a smokey eye and a hint of glitter (every girl loves glitter right?) Here's what I shall be sporting tonight:

I didn't want to go too dark because we're just going out for a meal, but I like to darken a smoke my eyes out on nights out. Although it is slightly darker than on the pictures, my camera's pants so doesn't pick up colours properly :(

What I used:

* MAC 'silver ring' eyeshadow all over the lid available from MAC stores £12.00
* S colour 'midnight black' on outer third and outer V (I got this in my college make up kit)
* MUA Liquid liner 'shade 5' (black) available from superdrug £1.00
* Collection 2000 glam crystals 'glitz' available from boots and superdrug £2.99
* Clinique high impact mascara 'black' available from boots an £16.00

I also used MAC blanc type as a highlight but stupidly forgot to add it to the picture (see old age = memory loss lol)


Saturday, 28 January 2012

27 things to do before I turn 27....

So this isn't anything beauty related, just a little crazy related ;) On Monday, I turn 26....gutted! Just waiting for the grey hair and wrinkles to appear....eeeeek :P I was talking to my cousin and she suggested doing 26 things before I turn 26, but that doesn't leave much time!! So I figured I'd try 27 things before I turn 27, some are crazy, some aren't and some are just plain random, a bit like me! Herrrrre's my list:

1: Go to work with a a stinking hangover (DONE what a silly idea!!! :p)
2: Get a new job
3: Go abroad
4: Dance in the rain
5: Get home from a night out, just as the sun's rising
6: Go camping
7: Watch the sun rise and set in the same day
8: Learn to drive
9: Run through a corn field (told you I was random!)
10: Learn a skill I'll never use
11: Get on a train and not know the destination
12: Search for the end of a rainbow (where's that pot of gold)
13: Take a midnight dip (I didn't say naked!!)
14: Go wine tasting
15: Read 12 classic books
16: Stay in a haunted house/castle (Scared just thinking about it)
17: Have my own business sorted and set up
18: Ride in a hot air balloon
19: Have a spa day
20: Confront my fear of spiders (What possessed me to add this to the list is beyond me!)
21: Buy a really expensive pair of jeans
22: Go on a road trip
23: Go to a drive in movie
24: Raise money for charity
25: Learn to do back crossovers (without sounding like nelly the elephant!!)
26: Go painballing (I bruise like a peach :/)
27: Send a message in a bottle

And there you have it! I will of course keep you all updated....unless I get shot by a farmer for trampling his corn, or kidnapped by a leprechaun for stealing his pot of gold :/
Feel free to post any lists you have in the comments below :D


Thursday, 26 January 2012

My kit so far.....

It's not as easy as I thought it would be figuiring out what make up brands I want to use in my kit. If I had the money, most of it would be MAC as I use it and know that I like it. However, as my mother always used to say 'money doesn't grow on trees' :P So through quite a bit of testing things out, I've found some lower priced brands that I enjoy using. Here's the things I have so far:

*e.l.f blushes £3.50 from
*Revlon colourstay foundation £12.49 from boots and superdrug
*MUA eyeshadows £4.00 from superdrug
*e.l.f lipstick £1.50 from
*NYX megashine lipgloss £2.40 from ebay

*MUA clear mascara (for eyebrows) £1.00 from superdrug

*Rimmel fix an perfect pro face primer £6.99 from boots and superdrug

*Urban decay primer potion £14.50 from debenhams

*Rimmel 1000 kisses lipliner 99p from

*Rimmel professional eyebrow pencil £2.99

*Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer £4.19 superdrug

*Gosh velvet touch waterproof eyeliner £4.99 from superdrug

*Rimmel volume flash the max mascara £6.69 from superdrug

*NYX jumbo eye pencils (bought from BHS a while back)

If anyone has any recommendations, please feel free to share :)


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

REVIEW: Boots 17 peep show mascara

I ran out of my favourite mascara *sad face* which is maybelline's the colossal voulme express cat eyes. So instead of repurchasing it, I decided to try out a new mascara. Whilst in Boots I noticed 17 had a deal on, where if you bought their 'peep show' mascara you got a free eyeshadow quad. Wellllllllll I'm all about the freebies ;P So I bought one. (I'm not sure if they still have the deal on as it was a few weeks ago when I bought mine)

I have to say I'm very impressed! According to the boots website this mascara is supposed to 'Lengthen lashes from root to tip. 17 peep show Mascara gives you voluptuous volume and no clumps...just a full, flirty flutter.' I couldn't agree more. The shape of the wand helps separate lashes and makes it easy to coat every lash. The consistency of the mascara isn't too thick or too thin, which makes for a good even application and definitely lengthens! Thumbs up!! :D

*£6.29 Available from Boots stores


Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Sooooo sorry I've been MIA for so long, life seems to get in the way of all the fun things! :P I quite enjoy it when I get into it! Anywhoooo on with the post :)

Before Christmas I bought MAC carbon eyeshadow, I've wanted to try it for the longest time but just never got around to buying it for myself. I read and watched a few reviews on it and so many people were saying the formula has changed when they've repurchased it, so I was in two minds about getting it. I was in York with my sister and saw that they sold MAC and other high end brands in the cosmetics company store, which is just like a CCO in the states, and ended up getting Carbon for £8.50 AND it's the one from the venomous villains collection which is even more exciting! SO when I came to applying it, I was really disappointed with it! I love MAC eyeshadows usually they're so pigmented and smooth, but this? Not at all! It's not very pigmented and is quited hard to blend. Which brings me onto the whole reason for me blabbering on. Before buying carbon, I used MUA shade 20, which is just the matte black. This is 10X better than carbon in my opinion! It's smooth, blends like a dream and is SO pigmented, basically everything I'd hoped carbon woul be! So for me MUA wins by a mile.

On the left is MUA shade 20 and on the right is MAC Carbon. I use MAC paint pot in painterly as a base.