Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Best hand cream ever!!

I have really dry hands, escpecially in the winter. So bad infact, they look like a 90 year old lady's (no offence 90 year old ladies ;p) I've tried quite a few different hand creams and most of them do work, but if I stop using them for a day or two they go back to being super dry. I watched a review on The bodyshop Hemp hand protector by Sirvinya ( ) and wanted to try it for myself.

I've used this for three days and it's amazing stuff!! It's quite greasy so I only apply it before I go to bed an first thing in the morning, but just using it twice a day has really made a big difference. The one bad thing I will say is, it has a herby smell, but once the cream has dried into the skin it goes away.



  1. I agree! This is the only had cream I will buy over and over again. Only thing that works for me. love it x

  2. I'll definitely be buying it again when I run out :) x