Friday, 14 December 2012

Fab product - Tangle teezer....

I finally bought a tangle teezer, yup a billion years after everyone else. I put off buying one for so long because if I'm honest I though '£10 for a hair brush is a bit much' Oh how wrong I was! I always back comb the front section of my hair into a 'bump' 'quiff' 'poof' whatever you wish to call it, and each night I literally pull my hair out getting the tangled mess I made. Well not any more  The tangle teezer lives up to it's name and doesn't pull a single hair. The first time I used it I brushed my hair straight after with a regular brush because I genuinely didn't think that my hair was tangle free, but it was!! No need for a regular brush now I've found this little gem. I also noticed there was about four hairs left in the tangle teezer after using it, whereas in the brush I usually use almost every hair from my head is left in it!

Can't believe how amazing this is, I hugely recommend getting one. it's totally worth the money!

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

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