Saturday, 29 December 2012

Monthly empties....

Time for my final empties post of 2012! I still can't believe how fast this year has gone! Time seems to fly by now.

* The Body Shop hand hemp protector £10.00 - This has lasted me for around a year! It's definitely my favourite hand cream, but one I tend to use at night because it's pretty thick and greasy. I've already repurchased this, although this time I bought it in the 'Rose's scent because I'm pretty obsessed with Rose

* Kleenex facial cloths £1.99 - I'm now onto my third box of these. I never buy cotton wool any more since I started using these, they're so much better

* E45 cream £1.99 - This is amazing for dry skin. My hands got pretty bad a couple of weeks ago and for some reason the Hemp hand protector didn't want to help. So I applied this a few times and my hands were super soft again

* Clean and clear dual action moisturiser £3.59 - Again I'm now onto my third tube of this stuff and I still love it. It's nice and light to wear under foundation and it's amazing as a spot treatment. I definitely recommend giving this a whirl

* Michum deodorant £2.89 - I've bought this a few times but prefer the deodorant stick oppose to the rll on. However both work really well and I'll continue to buy it

* Vaseline Aloe Fresh moisturiser £2.69 - I love the scent of this moisturiser, and how sort it leaves my skin. I've bought this a number of times over the years, always something I go back to

Make up/perfume:

* Revlon colorstay foundation £12.49 - My favourite foundation, I don't think I'll ever stray. Lasts all day, perfect for oily skin and blends so well

* H&M Body splash in 'Twilight rain' £2.99 - This is such a nice summery fruity scent. I'm a fruity kinda gal and don't really stick to 'fruity for the summer' and 'heavy scents for the winter' I wear what I like when I like cos that's just how I roll. I'd buy this again for sure

* Marks and Spencer perfume in 'Dreamy days' £3.00 - I LOVE THIS! If anyone can remember the perfume 'tribe' this smells exactly the same. I'm pretty sure this has been discontinued though so I'm a teeeeeny bit gutted :(

* No7 eyeshadow in 'Mink' £7.00 - This was in my products I hit pan on a few months back, and I've finally finished it. For months when I first bought this, it was my favourite eyeshadow and I still love it. I'd buy this again, once I've worked my way through the thousands of eyeshadows I have :S

Well that's it for this year! :D

Thanks for reading :)

S xx


  1. I tried the hemp hand protector but I just couldn't get over the awful smell! I know how amazing it works etc but I just couldn't :( haha. You'll have to review the rose one for me because I know that smells nicer but I don't know if it works! :) awesome post x

  2. It smells so bad doesn't it?! My hands were really bad so I just stuck it on at night. I'll deffo review the Rose one :) Thank you :)

    S xx