Sunday, 16 December 2012

Weekly favourites....

Extra short post this week, only two things made it to my faves. Mainly because I've been trying to use up two eyeshadows: an MUA and a No7 and I finally finished the No7! There's something quite exciting about finishing a make up product. So with me trying to use those two up, I haven't been reaching for anything else. Enough of the babbling:

* Barry M lipgloss - I'm not sure on the shade because I got this attached to an Impulse bodyspray, but it's a gorgeous pink colour and goes so well with my 'silk' lipliner from Prestige

* Tangle teezer - My new favourite hair brush. I've already written a review on this, all I have to say is go out and buy this bad boy!!!

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Thanks fore reading :)

S xx

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