Friday, 30 November 2012

Monthly empties....

It's the end of November already!!!!!! I think I've said this almost every month but how fast is this year going? :On Time once again for my monthly empties post:

Make up:

* Soap and Glory eyeshadow in 'Vanilla' - One of my all time favourite highlight colours, I'd definitely repurchase
* MAC Paint pot in 'Barestudy' - LOVE this for an eyeshadow base, such a pretty champagne colour. Another definite repurchase
* MAC eyeshadow in 'Phloof' - One of my favourite MAC eyeshadow's, I already have a back up ;)
* MUA Extreme felt liner - I love this liner! Easy to use, stays put all day, super pigmented and very inexpensive. This is the third one I've used up and one I'll continue to repurchase
* Collection Lasting perfection concealer - Holy grail concealer for me, I can't not have this in my make up bag. TIP - When you think you're finished the tube, chop the bottom off. There's SO much product in the very bottom
* 17 Miracle Matte pressed powder - Another Holy grail product for me and one I've repurchased time and time again

Skin/hair care:

* Superdrug cucumber face wipes - Part of my daily skincare routine, absolutely love them!
* No7 Beautiful skin purifying exfoliator - I didn't really notice that much of a difference when I used this, so I wouldn't repurchase
* Carmex 'Original' - An absolute staple product for everyone. Winter is coming and I always get dry lips so this is perfect. This also works amazing at getting rid of cold sores
* Freederm - I have a love/hate relationship with this. For some reason sometimes it works literally straight away, and sometimes it doesn't work at all. I'd still repurchase because when it does work, it's great
* Batiste dry shampoo - Yet another Holy grail product for me. This stuff s an absolute life saver and I can't be without it


* Impulse 'Loving words' - This is pretty much in all of my Monthly empties posts. Such a sweet gorgeous scent
* Avon 'Secret fantasy star' perfume - I can't say I was too keen on this scent, it's kind of a musky vanilla smell. Wouldn't repurchase
* H&M Eau de toilette spray in 'Me and my guava' - This is gorgeous. A summery fruity scent that lasts pretty well on the skin. I think I'd buy this again

That's it for this month. Eeek the next one will be the end of 2012!

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

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