Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Sooooo sorry I've been MIA for so long, life seems to get in the way of all the fun things! :P I quite enjoy it when I get into it! Anywhoooo on with the post :)

Before Christmas I bought MAC carbon eyeshadow, I've wanted to try it for the longest time but just never got around to buying it for myself. I read and watched a few reviews on it and so many people were saying the formula has changed when they've repurchased it, so I was in two minds about getting it. I was in York with my sister and saw that they sold MAC and other high end brands in the cosmetics company store, which is just like a CCO in the states, and ended up getting Carbon for £8.50 AND it's the one from the venomous villains collection which is even more exciting! SO when I came to applying it, I was really disappointed with it! I love MAC eyeshadows usually they're so pigmented and smooth, but this? Not at all! It's not very pigmented and is quited hard to blend. Which brings me onto the whole reason for me blabbering on. Before buying carbon, I used MUA shade 20, which is just the matte black. This is 10X better than carbon in my opinion! It's smooth, blends like a dream and is SO pigmented, basically everything I'd hoped carbon woul be! So for me MUA wins by a mile.

On the left is MUA shade 20 and on the right is MAC Carbon. I use MAC paint pot in painterly as a base.



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