Monday, 30 January 2012

Birthday eyes...

Finally I've hit the grand old age of 26!! And to celebrate, I'm off out tonight with my friends for an Italian.......and many bottles of wine. Maybe I can cross one of my 27 things to do before I'm 27 - Go to work with a stinking hangover :P After playing about with some make up looks, I came up with a smokey eye and a hint of glitter (every girl loves glitter right?) Here's what I shall be sporting tonight:

I didn't want to go too dark because we're just going out for a meal, but I like to darken a smoke my eyes out on nights out. Although it is slightly darker than on the pictures, my camera's pants so doesn't pick up colours properly :(

What I used:

* MAC 'silver ring' eyeshadow all over the lid available from MAC stores £12.00
* S colour 'midnight black' on outer third and outer V (I got this in my college make up kit)
* MUA Liquid liner 'shade 5' (black) available from superdrug £1.00
* Collection 2000 glam crystals 'glitz' available from boots and superdrug £2.99
* Clinique high impact mascara 'black' available from boots an £16.00

I also used MAC blanc type as a highlight but stupidly forgot to add it to the picture (see old age = memory loss lol)



  1. Hiya it's Dani,

    Happy birthday, hope you have a fab night and love your birthday eyes!!

    Do Superdrug still do the MUA range at £1? Just saw your post on the eyeshadows and there are some gorgeous shades xx

  2. Hey lovely! :)

    Aww thank you, had a great night! Paid for it the next morning though :P

    Yeah they still do the MUA it's permanent chick. They're so pretty and have really good colour pay off