Saturday, 28 January 2012

27 things to do before I turn 27....

So this isn't anything beauty related, just a little crazy related ;) On Monday, I turn 26....gutted! Just waiting for the grey hair and wrinkles to appear....eeeeek :P I was talking to my cousin and she suggested doing 26 things before I turn 26, but that doesn't leave much time!! So I figured I'd try 27 things before I turn 27, some are crazy, some aren't and some are just plain random, a bit like me! Herrrrre's my list:

1: Go to work with a a stinking hangover (DONE what a silly idea!!! :p)
2: Get a new job
3: Go abroad
4: Dance in the rain
5: Get home from a night out, just as the sun's rising
6: Go camping
7: Watch the sun rise and set in the same day
8: Learn to drive
9: Run through a corn field (told you I was random!)
10: Learn a skill I'll never use
11: Get on a train and not know the destination
12: Search for the end of a rainbow (where's that pot of gold)
13: Take a midnight dip (I didn't say naked!!)
14: Go wine tasting
15: Read 12 classic books
16: Stay in a haunted house/castle (Scared just thinking about it)
17: Have my own business sorted and set up
18: Ride in a hot air balloon
19: Have a spa day
20: Confront my fear of spiders (What possessed me to add this to the list is beyond me!)
21: Buy a really expensive pair of jeans
22: Go on a road trip
23: Go to a drive in movie
24: Raise money for charity
25: Learn to do back crossovers (without sounding like nelly the elephant!!)
26: Go painballing (I bruise like a peach :/)
27: Send a message in a bottle

And there you have it! I will of course keep you all updated....unless I get shot by a farmer for trampling his corn, or kidnapped by a leprechaun for stealing his pot of gold :/
Feel free to post any lists you have in the comments below :D


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