Saturday, 4 February 2012

REVIEW: MUA Extreme felt liner.....

I'm in love with MUA's liquid liner for £1.00 but wanted to try out a felt liner to see if the application would be any different. So I figured why not try out the MUA one seeing as I love their liquid liner so much!

To be totally honest, I'm on the fence about this. The actual liner lasts all day, is jet black and I'd say was pretty waterproof (not sure if it's supposed to be or not)

Using this gives a really neat, straight line BUT I just find it kind of difficult to use. I like the tip of the brush/pen to be a little flexible, and this is stiff. I know it's supposed to be as it's a felt tip liner, I just find it difficult to do a full line. It's easy enough to use for a flick on the outer corner, just not all the way along.

This is available from superdrug for £2.00


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