Saturday, 31 March 2012

OCC Lip tar Vs Sleek pout paint....

I've read so many reviews about OCC lip tars and wanted to see for myself what all of the fuss was about, so I went online and bought one. The colour I got is 'memento' and it's kind of a mix between a dusky pink and a light mauve, very pretty. After buying the lip tar I started to see a lot of reviews on Sleeks pout paints and they were alot cheaper than the lip tar and easier to get hold of, so whilst in superdrug I bought 'pin up' which is a bright red.
Both of these products apply like a lip gloss (the texture) and set like a lipstick. I found the sleek takes a tiny bit longer than the OCC to 'dry'

Now, lets compare products:

OCC Lip tar:
* Price ranges from £8.99 - £13.00
* Available online and debenhams in London
* Huge range of colours
* Minty smell
* Very opaque
* Dispenser is like that of a lipgloss tube, and can get very messy
* 8ml of product
* Very runny

Sleek Pout paint:
* Price £4.99
* Available from superdrug and sleek website
* 11 colours
* Fruity smell
* Very opaque
* Dispenser is a thin nozzle which makes using product quick and easy
* 8ml of product
* Nice consistency, not too thick or thin

So the verdict? I'm leaning slightly more towards the Sleek pout paints because, they're cheaper, easier to use, less messy and easier to purchase. However I like that the OCC has a wider range of colours. They both leave a stain on the lips after a while, the Sleek slightly more as it's a dark colour, but many reviews I've read say that the darker colours of the OCC leave a darker stain too.

OCC Lip tars

Sleek Pout paint
* Instore at Superdrug

After writing this post, I noticed that some of the sellers that stock OCC Lip tars, have the new packaging and some don't. I based my review on the lip tar that I have, and that is the old packaging.

Thanks for reading

S xx

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