Saturday, 3 March 2012

REVIEW: MUA 3in1 contour pen....

The first thing I'll say about this is, I don't understand it being called a pen. It's more like a crayon! I bought this because I thought it looked like a good product. I was wrong.

This eyeliner is very creamy, and that's probably the only thing I like about it. It's not very pigmented, it smudges very easily and creases so easily and quickly.

This liner is supposed to enable you to do three different looks: Dramatic, smokey and just a regular liner. The only one I was able to do was the dramatic, however it smudged and creased literally straight away. I couldn't get a thin enough line to do regular liner.

I won't be buying anymore of these :(
Available from superdrug for £1.50



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  2. Honest post which I like, I have heard good & bad things about this, not sure if i will be trying it though