Sunday, 18 March 2012

Weekly faves....

First off I'd like to wish all mummys a massive HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!! Especially mine, love you!

Enough with the dribble, let's get on with it :P

I was watching Becky's (from beckysblogs on youtube) video the other day about her doing weekly favourites instead of monthly favourites, and thought it was a really good idea. I'm trying to use all the make up I have, because I seem to get in a rut (especially for work) and use the same eyeshadows/blushers/lipsticks, and that would just make a very boring monthy favourite post each month. Ok, here's what I've been loving this week:

*First up, collection 2000 sheer loose powder in translucent:

*Vital radiance blusher in mocha radiance:

* MAC eyeshadow in 'satin taupe'

* MUA heaven and earth palette (the 2 light shades):

*Soap and Glory 'thick and fast' mascara:

* Prestige lip liner in 'silk' (think this has been discontinued!!!!!! *sad face*)

* Elizabeth arden colour intrigue lipstick shade 11

* And finally, Clinique superbalm moisturizing lipgloss in 'grapefruit'

Becky's video:


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