Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Review: Vivo lengthening mascara....

Last vivo review, their lengthening mascara. I want to say I left the best until last, but I really didn't. Quite the opposite in fact. I picked this up to try because it was only £1.50 and I wasn't expecting all that much from it to be fair, I mean for the price it wasn't exactly going to work miracles right?

The lowdown: The consistency of this is quite runny which I don't like, I know a lot of mascara's can be quite runny and start to thicken slightly after a week or so, but this just seems like it will always be runny. I needed 3 coats of this to even look like I had any product on! I'm one of those girls who likes big long lashes, and even if I applied the whole tube of this I don't think I'd get those lashes. It does lengthen slightly, which is what it says it will do, but I need a little volume from a mascara too and I didn't get it from this.

As for the packaging it's pants! It's cheap plastic and I definitely wouldn't feel OK with travelling with this, it would probably crack and the mascara would end up everywhere. I noticed too when I was using this, each time I place the wand back into the tube, any excess mascara would end up pumping out of the tube and running down the outside. I had to wipe it clean after each use, which meant I was losing product every day.

The bad, the bad...and the bad:
* Cost - £1.50
* 6ml
* Very runny
* Cheap packaging
* Excess mascara runs down the tube after each use
* Need at least 3 coats

I know this product was only £1.50, but when you spend money on something you expect it to be better than this right?

Anywhooo I still like the brand, this hasn't put me off  :)

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

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