Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Review: Vivo baked bronzer....

Another vivo review for you all. This one, unlike the eyeshadow trio, I'm a bit on the fence about. Whilst looking through the vivo collection in Tesco, I noticed they had a few baked bronzers and blushers. I really don't need any more blushers (we all know I'm not going to stop buying them though!!) and I don't like all that much shimmer on my face, especially where bronzer is concerned, I'm more of a matte gal. But I did get my eye on a really light bronzer in 'healthy glow shade 3' and it seemed way too light for a bronzer so I bought it and thought to myself I'll try it out as a highlighter.

Let's start with the actual product. It's quite powdery but with it being so light and used for a hightlight the fallout doesn't really bother me. It doesn't give that much of a glow, compared to Benefit high beam and the collection 2000 highlighters I use, this is more of a warm toned subtle glow and still quite pretty, but i like my highlighter to be more light and bright. I do think it would give more of a glow on tanned or darker skins because it has an orange/golden undertone to it.
I wouldn't recommend for bronzing or contouring, it's far too light and shimmery for contouring and too golden for bronzing. I think I'd end up looking like a disco ball if I used it for anything other than highlighting.

with flash
without flash

The good, the bad and the awful:

* 12g
* Packaging is sturdy
* £5.00 (good for the amount of product)

* Only available at Tesco extra
* Too light for a bronzer
* Very subtle highlight
* Quite powdery

I won't be repurchasing this again, but it hasn't put me off vivo cosmetics. 2/5

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

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