Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easter gift idea....

Easter is coming! I swear I'm like a big kid :P I just love that it gives me an excuse to do crafty things, paint my nails funky colours and bake cakes. OK, I don't need an excuse for any of those things because I love doing them anyway. BUT I like having a theme for things, makes it all that bit more exciting. So, on the run up to Easter I decided to post some Easter fun. Today's? Easter gift idea. I know a lot of people buy an Easter egg for that special someone, but this year I've decided to give something a little different to my niece and nephew:

An Easter basket. It's not that exciting but I thought it's a little different for them since they'll be getting lots of eggs, and they can use the basket for an Easter hunt afterwards :)
Easter - my most over used word in this post :P
Have a great Easter everyone :)

Thanks for reading

S xx

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