Monday, 8 October 2012

Hey there stud....

Let it be known to the world (of blogging) that I am addicted to studding anything and everything. And I'm kinda excited that the 'rock chick' 'edgy' look is now in fashion because it means I can get my hands on all kinds of studded, leather, skull print goodies FINALLY!! So I wanted to do a quick post of things I'm loving at the moment :D Enjoy:

* Studded biker boots £20.00 from Primark

* Studded boots £4.49 (ohhh yes!!) from Store twenty one

* Studded bag £12.00 from Primark

* Studded shirt £12.00 from Primark

And a little DIY-ness

* Trainers £2.50 from Primark

* Navy off the shoulder top (I think from New Look many moons ago)

What's your style this Autumn?

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Thanks for reading :)

S xx

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