Monday, 1 October 2012

Weekend haulage....

Payday has been and gone, and so is a chunk of my wages........hellooooo pretty new things :P I went out shopping on Saturday determined to buy: Biker boots, a denim shirt and a leather jacket. I managed two out of three and may have bought a few other things :P

Let's start with the things I went out for:

*Studded shirt - £10.00 from Primark

* Studded biker boots - £20.00 from Primark

* Skull jumper - £10.00 from a random shop (also spied these on ebay)

What kind of shopping trip would it be without some make up? AND Debenhams were selling off Two faced, Pop and Pixi for £2.00 each!!!

* Two face eye shadow in Label Whore
* Two faced eye shadow in London Calling
* Pixi eye liner in Blackblue
* Eye bright liner in Light

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

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