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Budget Beauty - e.l.f....

A few months back I posted a Budget Beauty using MUA products. This month, I shall be talking about e.l.f. I've used all of these products over the past month and will be doing a mini review on each one. The only thing I couldn't get my hands on was the mascara.

* Lipstick
* Lipgloss 
* Pencil eyeliner
* Liquid eyeliner
* Eyeshadow
* Mascara (couldn't get)
* Blusher
* Concealer
* Nail varnish

Lets start with face:

* Blush - £3.50 - 4/5 - Very sheer but build-able. Quite powdery so can make a bit of a mess
* Concealer - £1.50 - 1/5 - Very sheer, no coverage and doesn't last long on the skin at all. Smells great though


* Liquid liner - £1.50 - 2/5 - I think my main reason for not really being a fan of this is because of the applicator. It's really thin and flexible so I find it hard to use. I also think the consistency is pretty runny
* Pencil liner - £1.50 - 4/5 - I really like the pencil liners, especially the colours for adding a pop of colour. They're very creamy, last a long time, are highly pigmented and have a sharpener in the lid
* Eyeshadow - £1.50 - 5/5 - I really enjoy using these eye shadows. They're really pigmented and last all day. Some can be quite powdery but I don't find this to be a problem


* Lipstick - £1.50 - 5/5 - Love love love these lipsticks. Pigmentation is amazing, staying power is amazing and they're not drying on the lips at all
* Lipgloss - £1.50 - 5/5 - Again I love these glosses. They're not very pigmented but still give a great colour to the lips, not sticky and are pretty long lasting


* Nail varnish - £1.50 - 5/5 - Yet another product I love. Quite opaque, fast drying and lasts around a week before it starts to chip

Top five products:

* Lipstick
* Lipgloss
* Nail varnish
* Blush
* Eyeshadow

For the price of elf products, I'd say give them a go!

e.l.f is available to buy online

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Thanks for reading :) 

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