Thursday, 27 September 2012

What's in my 'handbag make up bag'....

I used to carry my whole make up bag around with me but then I came to realise that the only things out of it that I used to use were my pressed powder and lipstick/lip gloss. So I decided to downsize and only carry things that I actually use on a daily basis:

Again sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, I'm still having to use a rubbish camera :(

* Balance me rose otto intensive lip salve
* 17 Miracle matte pressed powder
* elf flat top powder brush (the handle came off so it's now the perfect size for my make up bag)
* No7 extreme length mascara
* Colour S concealer (I got this in my college make up kit)
* Wet and wild eyeshadow in cream and Barry M eyeshadow brush (again the handle came off)
* Barry M bold waterproof eyeliner (incase I go out from work and want to add intensity to my eyes)
* A little pouch of clips and hair bobbles

Do you do this, or do you carry your whole make up bag around with you?

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

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