Thursday, 13 September 2012

Autumn is coming....

I've never been one for following rules, or following fashion. So you'll see me swanning around in the summer with black nails and in the winter with bright pink lipstick. That's just how I am. I wear whatever takes my fancy. However I do tend to wear Mauve's, berries and purples in the Autumn, because a) that's my favourite season and b) those are my favourite colours to wear. So I thought why not do a post on my favourite lipsticks, nail varnish etc for Autumn?
Here's what I have, and shall be wearing when those leaves start to fall:

• Elf 'posh'
• Collection 'Berry blast'
• MUA shades '1' and '2'
• MAC 'plumful'
• Sally Hansen 'Golden berry' and 'Soft orchid'

Lip liners:
* 17 'Valentine'
* MUA 'Brooding plum'

* elf 'mellow mauve'
* Nivea 'desert rose'
* Fashionista 'blushing'

Nail varnish:
* elf 'Mod mauve'
* Barry M ' Raspberry'
* Nails inc 'Tate'
* Rimmel 'Hypnotise'
Marks and spencer 'Aubergine'

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Thanks for reading :)

S xx

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