Friday, 22 June 2012

Holy grail item #5....

Next holy grail item is one that I think everyone knows about and has more than likely tried:

Collection lasting perfection concealer:

I originally bought this because there was so much hype on Youtube, that was around this time (maybe a little later) last year and I haven't bought and loved another concealer since. I've bought concealers previously to try out and review, and haven't enjoyed them at all. This is definitely the only concealer that I'll use! The staying power is amazing and it is a full coverage concealer. Some people find it too thick to use under their eyes, I think it's great.

The lowdown

* Cost £4.19
* Lasts all day
* Blends out easily
* Full coverage
* Doesn't crease under the eyes

Where to buy:
* Boots:

* Superdrug:*&perpage=24&parentCategoryRef=mu-face&brand=Collection+2000

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

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