Monday, 18 June 2012

Product rave: Ciate nail varnish....

I previously blogged about getting a free Ciate nail varnish with Marie Claire magazine, and have only just gotten around to trying it out. I only heard about this brand because of youtube and then spotted Marie Claire at the supermarket with a free nail varnish, so I had to pick it up.

I got mine in the shade 'bon bon' (love the name) which I'd say is a purple toned nude. I absolutely adore the colour! The application is SO smooth, the brush isn't too big or too small an it dries pretty quick.

(excuse the state of my cuticles)

I applied 2 coats of this and it lasted 5 days!

After wearing this colour and loving it, I spotted that my local supermarket still had some copies of the magazine left. Purple is my favourite colour, and although I have a billion and one purple nail varnishes, I love the application of this brand so much I couldn't resist buying another.

The second colour I got is 'purple sherbet' which is a gorgeous lilac. I did find that it was quite sheer when applied, so had to apply 3 coats. I thought it reminded me slightly of Barry M nail paint in '308 pale purple', but the ciate is more of a cool tone lilac, and the Barry M more warm toned.

I didn't find that I needed to wear a base or top coat with either of these, and they lasted 5 days before they started to chip.

Think I may have found a new favourite brand of nail varnish ;)

Where to buy:

* Ciate website:

Thanks for reading :)

S xx


  1. Love the one nail another colour look, and they're really pretty colours, nice post :)

    Hope you give mine a peak

    Gem x

  2. Ah thank you! Just had a nose at your blog, love it! :D x