Monday, 25 June 2012

Products I've hit pan on....

Does anyone else find it hard to finish off make up products, or even hit pan on them? I thought I did until I was going through my make up last night, and found a few things I hit pan on.


* Blush in 'candy pink' I love this colour, it's a bright candy colour (the name describes it perfectly)
* Eyeshadow in 'Mink' A shimmery champagne colour, perfect for all over the lid


* Eyeshadow in 'phloof' Beautiful champagne colour. Perfect for highlight, or all over lid colour
* Eyeshadow in 'blanc type' Cool toned beige, again perfect for highlight or all over lid
* Paint pot in 'bare study' Shimmer champagne base for eyeshadow, works with both matte and shimmer shadows. Can be worn alone as well as a base

Soap and glory:

* Eyeshadow in 'vanilla' Lighter than 'blanc type' I usually wear this all over the lid and as a highlight

The body shop:

* Lip balm in 'passionberry' This smells good enough to eat!! I think this is my third tub of lip balm from the body shop, they're amazing. Always keep my lips soft, not sticky and last on the lips quite a while.

MUA and Collection:

* MUA eyeshadow in shade 1. Yet another highlighting shade. A shimmery cream, this looks great as a highlight, all over the lid and in the inner tear duct area

* Collection shimmer and shade highlighter in 'just peachy' This is my go too highlighter, it's not matte and not too shimmery which I find perfect

All of the products I'd definitely repurchase

Thanks for reading :)

 S xx

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