Saturday, 23 June 2012

Holy grail item #6....

Time for my sixth Holy grail item, this time it's skincare:

Nivea cream:

This is now part of my everyday routine. I apply this to my legs and arms every night, and it leaves them so soft. It's really think which some people don't like, but I love it. During the (very few) hot days we had previously, I quite stupidly burnt my legs and didn't have any aftersun in. The only unscented cream/moisturiser I had in my cupboard was this, so I slapped it all over my legs and within 5 minutes the soreness had gone never to return! I started to peel not that long after (maybe 3 days) and again I slapped this all over and it smoothed the dry skin. The best part about this, apart from it's multi-purposes, is that I buy mine from the poundshop! I'd say I go through maybe a tub and a half a month, but for £1.00 a go that ain't bad.

The lowdown:

* Cost £1.00
* 50ml
* multi purpose
* Thick consistency
* Doesn't take too long to dry

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

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