Friday, 31 August 2012

Monthly empties....

Monthly empties time again, I have quite a few to get through this month so I'll get started.

First up : Make up -

* Soap and glory Thick and Fast mascara - Yes! I love this, it made my lashes look long and full
* MUA extreme felt liner - Yes! This is now my everyday liner and I've already repurchased a new one
* 17 pressed powder - Yes! This is my everyday powder, I love it.
* Collection lasting perfection foundation - Yes! I would repurchase this if I couldn't get my hands on Revlon colorstay

Skincare -

* Clean and clear dual moisturiser - Yes! This is part of my everyday skincare routine and I love it, it helps keep spots at bay
* Clean and clear deep cleansing lotion - No! I didn't notice any difference in my skin when I used this
* Clean and clear exfoliating face wash - Yes! I would repurchase this again, if I couldn't get hold of the clinique rinse off foaming cleanser

* Kleenex Facial cloths - Yes! I love these and have already repurchased the full size box
* Kleenex eye make up removal wipes - No! I had to rub quite hard to remove my eye make up and a little while after, just under my eyes started to sting
* Kleenex shine absorbing sheets - Yes! These are really good as they don't have any powder on them, and they're small and handy to keep in your bag

* Simple babywipes - Yes! I'll always buy these. They're so handy for removing make up, they don't have any scent which I like and (it sounds weird) but they're actually wet unlike most babywipes
* Superdrug cucumber 4 in 1 face wipes - Yes! Again another part of my everyday skincare routine. I love the smell of these
* Lavera wild rose eye gel - Yes! I have a different eye cream that I want to use up, once that's gone I'll definitely be repurchasing this


* Britney Spears curious perfume - Yes! I love this for everyday perfume
* Mitchum deodorant - Yes! My everyday deodorant, it does what it says
* Cacharel amor amor perfume - Yes! I love this scent. This used to be the perfume I always wore on nights out
* Impulse loving words bodyspray - Yes! LOVE this bodyspray, such a summery scent

Bath and hair:

* Aussie miracle hair insurance leave in conditioner - No! The only thing I like about this was the smell. It did nothing for my hair at all
* Superdrug nail varnish remover - Yes! To me nail varnish remover is nail varnish remover, this didn't have too strong a scent which I liked
* Nivea diamond touch body wash - Yes! I love this. The smell is amazing, it lathered up really well and left my skin SO soft that I didn't feel the need to moisturise
* Soap and Glory clean girls body wash - No! I realllly didn't like the small of this at all. The body wash itself was really good, but the scent completely put me off


Phew and that's it for another month. No doubt I'll hae a lot of things next month too :P

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

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