Wednesday, 6 February 2013

My most reached for brushes

I was sitting the other morning putting on my make up for work, and realised that I really use all of the brushes I have. Face brushes I do, because I only have a few but eye brushes, I find myself using the same ones each day. So I thought I'd do a quick run through of the ones I use the most:


Foundation -

* Real Techniques Expert face brush £9.99
* Real Techniques Stippling brush £11.99
* E.L.F flat top powder brush £3.75

Powder -
* E.L.F flat top powder brush £3.75

Blush -

* E.L.F blush brush £3.75

Highlight -

* Avon angled brush £3.50

Contour -
* Real Techniques stippling brush £11.99


Shadow -

* MAC 239 £19.00
* E.L.F eyeshadow brush £1.50
* Crown C135 £2.76

Blending -

* MAC 217 £17.00
* E.L.F eyeshadow blending £1.50
* Crown C139 £2.95

Eyeliner -

* No7 precision eyeliner brush £7.25
* Avon angled eyeliner brush £4.00

Other -

* MAC 219 £19.00
* Random dome brush from Home bargains 99p - I love using this for highlighting my browbone and tear duct area
* QVS angled £2.79 - I use this for my eyebrows, the width is perfect 

What are your favourite brushes to use?

Thanks for reading :)

S xx


  1. love this!! really need some new brushes!!! xx

  2. Thank you :) I deffo recommend giving Crown Brush a go, and they have a 15% discount code on until the 11th Feb :)

    S xx

  3. Thanks for the follow. Following back now & great post! It's good to see someone with a wide array of brushes. Would you say the Mac brushes are worth the extra money? My fav is RT

  4. No problem, thank you :) If I'm honest, I think MAC brushes are overpriced. They are good, but there's definitely cheaper alternatives out there. I've just bought some Crown Brushes for my kit, and I *think* I may have dupes for the 217, 219, 239 and 244! I'll test them out a bit and do a comparison post :)

    S xx