Saturday, 5 January 2013

Celeb Saturday

It's a New year and all that jazz so I thought I'd do some new things with my blog. This way I know I'll have posts up pretty much every day. SO Saturday's shall be 'Celeb Saturday' I'm going to pick out a celebrity make up look that I like and try recreate it.

First Saturday: Rooney Mara

Numero uno, the lady is hot and deux I love her eye make up!!

Here's what I used:

* 88 warm palette from ebay
* MUA eye primer
* Clinique high impact mascara
* MAC 217
* Small angle brush
* Fluffy brush

What I did:

*First apply a strip of masking tape (to get a straight neat edge) and eyeshadow primer to the lid

* Take 'shade 1' (similar to MAC 'Vanilla') onto a fluffy brush and apply all over the lid, to the brow bone

* Now on a MAC 217 (Any blending brush) apply 'shade 2' (a soft light taupe) to the outer half of the eye

* Next taking 'Shade 3' (matte black) on that same blending brush, apply a light thin wash of this over the Taupe

* With that same black and a small angle brush, apply a thin line (to act as liner)

* Last but not least, add a coat or two of your fave mascara and you're good to go!

This is just my take on her look, what do you think?

Until nest Saturday ;)

Thanks for reading :)

S xx


  1. This is a gorgeous look! I think you really interpreted it well :) x