Saturday, 12 January 2013

December Lux Box

OK OK OK I know I'm super late posting this but I've only just received my December Lux box BUT that's my fault because yet again I was late to the party and signed up at the very last minute. Without further ado, here's the box:

I won't lie, I was SO excited to get this this morning. I already knew what was in it because I'd read other bloggers reviews on it but it's still exciting!

* Sheer cover base perfector primer usual price is £21.95 for a 36.9ml tube
* Sheer cover smokey eye shadow palette usual price is £20.95

* Green people fruit scrub usual price is £11.95 for 50ml. Tube in the box is 25ml so would be £5.98ish
* Mashooq's deep penetrating oil usual price is £7.99 for 100ml. Bottle in the box is 25ml so would be £1.99ish
* Anienne ambiance luxury goddess gift soap usual price is £14.00

For £10.00 a month (plus £2.95 P+P) Lux Box will send out 4/5 full size products for you to try out. You can then review products and earn Luxpoints, if you reach 550 points you receive your next box free! Pretty good deal if you ask me. This is my first box and I haven't tried out anything yet BUT I have to say so far, I'm very impressed!

Over the next week or so I'll try out all of the products and let you know what I think

Do you subscribe to Lux? What do you think?

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

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