Friday, 25 January 2013

Review - Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer

I think every single beauty blogger and make up junkie has one or two of the new Rimmel Apocalips right? I went to Boots with the intention of only buying the shade 'Celestial' and ended up leaving the shop with 'Galaxy' and 'Big bang' My excuse? They were on 3 for 2 *whistles*

The first thing I noticed about these beauty's was the scent, they smell AMAZING!! So fruity with a hint of lipstick, weird description I know. The second and third things were the shades and the pigmentation. They're fab!

* Celestial
* Galaxy
* Big Bang

I applied this at 7:30am and have to say I was SO impressed with the pigmentation and consistency. To me this applied like a thick opaque gloss and after around an hour it started to dry like a lipstick. By 9:30am my lips were still as pigmented as they were when I first applied this, and I noticed after I took a drink from my water bottle, there was no transfer of product. By 10:30am I noticed the pigmentation wasn't as full on as it was earlier but I still had a nice amount of colour to my lips. I checked again at 1:30pm when I was about to leave work and there was no product left. However I got around 5 - 6 hours of wear from this which I'm pretty amazed by!

Final thoughts: I love these and highly recommend giving them a bash! They apply like a glos, dry like a lipstick and finish off like a stain :)

The lowdown:

* Price - £5.99
* Product - 5.5ml
* Shades - 8
* Drying - Not at all
* Repurchase -Definitely
* Recommend - Yes
* Where to buy - Facebook page
           - Boots
                  - Superdrug

Have you tried these yet? Which shade is your fave?

Thanks for reading :)

S xx


  1. Totally buying some of these bad-asses today :P I know I'm meant to be on a spending ban, but they're so pretty!!

    Christina xo

  2. They're worth breaking the ban for ;P

    S xx