Thursday, 10 January 2013

Review - MUA Pro-Base fixing mist

Time for another new product review from MUA: The Pro-Base fixing mist:

I was so excited when I heard that MUA were releasing a make up setting spray. I'm currently using Urban Decay 'De slick' setting spray and love it, but at £19 a bottle I'm on the hunt for a cheaper alternative. With the 'De slick' spray, you apply before and after make up application but with the MUA one, you just apply afterwards which I prefer because it doesn't feel like I'm applying so many products to my skin.

The actual product is thicker in consistency than the 'De slick' The 'De slick' is more of a fine mist and the MUA is more of a spray if that makes any sense. Once sprayed, the fixing mist really doesn't take all that long to sink into the skin, but I would advise applying mascara after you've applied the spray. I find this with any stetting/fixing sprays, I always end up with mascara under my eyes if I apply the mascara then spritz my face.

It has a slight scent to it, however this really doesn't bother me and it hasn't broke me out or effected my skin in any way. The bottle claims to help make up stay in place for 8 hours, and I'd say I'd agree with this. I kept checking my make-up throughout the day and I really didn't notice it budging. The one place I did notice a slight loss of foundation was my chin, but this is due to me having oily skin and not down to the actual product.

The Lowdown:

Cost - Currently £4.00 usual price £5.00
Product - 60ml
Does what it says - Yup, it lasted around 8 hours
Recommend - Yes!
Repurchase - For the price, I think I would
Where to buy - MUA online and Superdrug

Have you tried this yet? What do you think?

Thanks for reading :)

S xx