Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Review - MUA Conceal and Brighten kit

MUA cosmetics are on top form once again with their new products. Up for review today is their 'Conceal and Brighten' kit in 'Porcelain - Beige'.

The first thing love about this is the amount of product in each palette, 11g What a bargain! the second is how creamy the actual concealer is. It's not too thick to use under the eye area but it's thick enough to give great coverage. I've been using the lightest shade for under my eyes which really does brighten them, and the second lightest shade (the first in the palette) to cover any blemishes have. This shade matches me perfectly!

Usually when apply concealer to any spots, mainly my chin, it rubs off or separates because that's where I'm quite oily. However I didn't find that happened with this product. The brighter colour that I used to highlight and conceal under my eyes didn't crease or get into the few fine lines have there, bonus!

The Lowdown:

Price - Currently £2.50 (Usual price £3.50)
Product - 11g
Shades - 3
Does it conceal and brighten - Definitely
Recommend - Oh yes
Repurchase - Absolutely
Where to buy - Superdrug and MUA online

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading :)

S xx


  1. I have loads of MUA make up, not tried this yet but will on my next order. My latest MUA was the eye and face primers and the setting spray, loved them all and will do a blog post soon about them. xx

    PS any chance of feed back or a follow on my brand new blog? thanks hon x


  2. It's deffo worth a try :) I love the eye primer, I prefer it to the Urban Decay primer potion! Currently trying out the setting spray so I'll stick a review up in the next couple of days.

    Just read your blog and it's great! Also following :)

    S xx