Thursday, 31 January 2013

Birthday fun

Yesterday was my 27th Birthday (Checks for grey hairs) and I thought I'd do a wee little post of the funtimes that were had:

First up, on Tuesday 29th I went to see Rita Ora and I LOVED IT! The lady is amazing live, unlike quite a few bands/singers/acts I've seen 'live' she actually sang every song live and still managed to jump around the stage like a loon. And of course, she's a bit of a babe!

For my Birthday meal I went out for Tapas with the girls and posted an OOTN last night. It was my first time trying Tapas and I have to say it was quite nice, although the topic of many conversations weren't all that pleasant haha

Prezzie time. I just want to say thank you for the cards, gifts and birthday wishes from all of my friends and family, I had a great Birthday!

* Accessorize mini lipstick in 'Infatuated' 
* Rimmel Kate Moss '101' '01' and '08'

* An ipad mini case, screen protector and 'pen'
* Topshop GEEK Tshirt
* Simple mini travel set


* Malteaser Bunnies (the best thing about easter)
* Lucky Charms cereal <3

I also got gift cards, money and dollars for my NYC trip ROLL ON AUGUST!!! 

Thanks again for a great Birthday y'all <3

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

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