Monday, 28 January 2013

Review - No7 colour calming primer

I suffer slightly with red cheeks, not really bad but it kind of makes any blush I wear more pink toned. I've been on the hunt for a green colour correcting primer to help tame the pinkness, and noticed that No7 sell one. Since I already use their Beautifully matte primer and love it, I thought I'd give this one a go.

 At first glance this is pretty scary looking, it's bright green! But once applied and blended well it's not so scary. That's maybe the problem. I tried this for a full week and I'm really not liking it or seeing any difference at all. I applied it to my cheeks and to a spot I had on my chin, and although it toned down the redness completely on my spot it did nothing for my cheeks. Once blended it went completely sheer so it was a waste of time applying it. Obviously I didn't want full blown shrek cheeks but I'd have thought some of the green would have stayed in order to counteract the redness? Nope it didn't.

I also found it quite hard to blend, the Beautifully matte primer is the same in that if it isn't blended properly and you apply foundation you end up looking like you have toothpaste splattered on your face - not a good look.

 I don't really like writing negative reviews but I think sometimes they're helpful. This is not something I'd recommend to anyone with redness, I just didn't find it worked at all. Sorry No7!

Has anyone else had problems using this? Any other colour correcting primers I should try?

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

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