Thursday, 17 January 2013

Products for oily skin

If you've been reading my blog for a while then you'll know I have an oily T-Zone, and you may know my favourite products to help control said oil. If not I thought I'd do a quick little post and hopefully it will help some of you out there with oily skin


Lush Enzymio moisturiser £13.75 - I got a sample pot of this a few months back and thought it was amazing! I only didn't buy a full size because I found the No7 primer. This works as a moisturiser and primer in one, was rubbed in and absorbed it turns matte so is perfect for applying just before make up

Simple oil balancing moisturiser £4,27 - This is cheaper than the Lush moisturiser, but doesn't work the same. Yup this does control oil levels but a primer is needed to keep make up in place. I noticed once I stopped using this the oil came back (I'm so fickle and have a habit of trying out so many products )

Avon solutions complete balance day and night £7.50each   - I bought both of these in a set (here's my review) I'm loving using these and really notice a difference in my skin


No7 Beautifully matte shine free primer £10.50 - This is my all time favourite primer (I'm now onto my third tube and have some in my freelance kit) This along with my foundation makes sure that my make up stays where I put it. It does need blended it in quite quickly because it turns matte pretty much straight away, and can leave white patches on the face if not blended properly


Revlon colorstay foundation £12.49 - My Holy Grail foundation. I honestly don't know what I did without this product! I really don't have anything other to say about it other than if you have oily skin then go buy this! I've used this with other primers and powders and it still works fine, it just works better with these products


17 Stay matte pressed powder £3.99 - I've used the Rimmel stay matte powder and the regular pressed powder for 17, but I find this one works SO much better. With other powders I've used in the past, I noticed that they started to turn orange and cakey throughout the day and this doesn't. I never have to top up my powder that much through the day, maybe once and that's only on my chin

Setting spray:

Urban Decay 'De slick' setting spray £19 - An absolute must for your make up bag. This is the only setting spray that I've used and it's amazing. I normally only use this on nights out or if I'm having a long day and I want my make up to stay exactly the same as I applied it. I never have to touch up my make up (other than lipstick) when I use this

These are the products that I find work for me and may not work for everyone, but I wanted to share just in case one or two things work for you. Do you have any products that work?

Thanks for reading :)

S xx


  1. My t-zone is so oily it's ridiculous, sounds like I need to try the Revlon foundation and the Lush moisturiser!! Thanks for this post, I found it really helpful :)

    Jesss xo

  2. Glad it helped :) I swear by the foundation, and the Lush moisturiser. I'm just so fickle and like to constantly try new things, hence the other 2 moisturisers lol With the Lush one, you won't need a primer!

  3. I've got terribly oily skin! It's such a task trying to keep it under control. I'd highly recommend the Body Shop's Seaweed mattifying moisturiser though, and their tea tree range is brilliant. Witch also do a primer that sounds like it would help mattify but I haven't tried it yet. Thanks for sending me your link during the #bbloggers chat :) xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

  4. Somebody on Youtube talked about the seaweed mattifying moisturiser (I have the memory of a goldfish and can't remember who haha) Something I may have to try out! Thanks for the recommendation :) Ah no problem :)

    S xx

  5. Great post! I sometimes have problems with oily skin towards the end of the day and it can be such a bummer! Anyway I have nominated you for the Liebster award if you feel like giving that a go :')

  6. Thank you, having oily skin sucks right?! :( Ah thank you! I'll check it out!

    S xx