Sunday, 27 May 2012


This is probably going to be a very rambley post but I really need to ask some advice.Here we go: Last year I enrolled (and passed) on a 6 week 'basic cosmetic' course at a local college, where I got taught how to apply day, evening, occasion and bridal make up. I f I'm totally honest it was a waste of time and money, because everything I know about make up application I've either taught myself, or learnt from beauty guru's and make up artists on youtube. On the course, I thought I'd learn lots of new techniques and skills, and I didn't. We spent only 4 out if the 6 weeks applying make up which to me really isn't enough.

My whole reason for this post is because I want to work within media make up and I don't know how to go about it all. I know I'll still (hopefully I'll get work) get offered bridal make up, which I'd be more than happy to take on because I love every aspect of make up. I've emailed various make up artists and I've had mixed responses from them all, hence the confusion. Some have said that my best option is to enrol into a make up school and get a qualification, and the others have suggested I shadow other make up artists that are working in the field I want to work in and gain experience.

I was thinking of emailing all local theatres and asking if I could maybe work alongside/assist the make up artists working there, but I'm not sure if the actors and actresses apply their own make up?

I don't know any make up artists, photographers etc that I could get in touch with and ask if I could assist them, so I don't know which path to take: school or no school.
If there are any make up artists reading this, what would you advise? I'd really appreciate any avice anyone could give because I'm pretty much stuck in limbo right now.

Random picture make it all that bit less boring :P

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

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