Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Monthly empties....

After reading 'MissBudgetBeauty' s blog (link at the end) about her 'all used up' products, I decided to give it a go. I've got so many bubble baths, moisturisers etc that I really need to use before I even start to think about buying any more!! So each month, I'll do a post on everything I've used and finished that month and say whether I'll buy them again or not and the reason why. So let's kick it off, here's April's empties:

*Imperial leather Japanese spa bubble bath 99p: I've already repurchased this quite a few times, and will continue to do so. Smells gorgeous and gives lots of bubbles with tiny amount of product needed

*Soap and glory calm one calm all bubble bath £5.50: Wouldn't repurchase this again. It lasts a long time but I really don't see myself spending £5.50 on a bubble bath (I received this one as a gift) It smells amazing but I found didn't give many bubbles

*MAC brush cleaner £8.50: I'll definitely be repurchasing this. My first bottle, and it lasted ages! And does the job

*Wilkinsons sweet vanilla and honey shower smoothie 99p or 2 for £1.50: I would consider repurchasing this, smells amazing and left my skin so soft. The only reason I may not repurchase is because I love trying different products

*Garnier anti blackhead deep pore wash £4.88: I have already reviewed this product and pretty much said I didn't like it. HOWEVER after finishing the whole tube, I may have changed my mind. Although it didn't control oil (which is why I bought it) I have noticed that it has kept spots at bay. To be honest I think it's more the moisturiser that I'm iffy about and that put me off. SO I shall repurchase at another point and review it again on its own

*Revlon colorstay foundation for oily/combination £12.49: I will DEFINITELY repurchase this (pretty sure I'm onto my 4th bottle) Total love for this foundation and I'll never try another foundation again. I have oily skin and usually end up with no make up on my Tzone after a few hours, this bad boy stays put all day

*Rimmel stay matte powder £3.99: Another product that I've repurchased over and over again, and will continue to repurchase. Keeps my face matte and helps my make up stay put.

*Natural collection pressed powder £1.99: Wouldn't repurchase this. It does help set foundation, but not as well as the rimmel stay matte. And I noticed that it doesn't last on my face as long as the rimmel

8 products own, about a million to go :P


Thanks for reading :)

S xx

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