Thursday, 31 May 2012

Magazine freebie take two....

Whilst drooling over the free benefit goodies in glamour magazine, I spotted Instyle magazine giving away The boy shop eye liners. Or should I say 2?! There's two things to choose from; a full size mascara or two full size eye liners. I of course chose the eye liners, I'm a sucker for them and like I said in my previous post I have way too many mascara's

When I swatched them, they're not very soft but I'm thinking maybe this is a good thing. maybe I'll get more wear out of them without them smudging. Only one way to find out, I'll try them out over the next few days and give a full review.

The colours are:
* 01 Black
* 06 French Navy ( I love that name for some reason!)

Grab these while you can ladies. The magazine cost £3.80 and I think it's worth buying!

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

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