Tuesday, 15 May 2012

TAG: 20 Beauty questions....

There's so many beauty tags floating around on youtube and I don't have a channel but wanted to join in. So I looked through all of the question tags and took a few questions from different ones (because I couldn't find only beauty related ones) and made some of my own up, I'm sure they've already been used before,  I slapped them all together and taadaaaaaa here we are. Enjoy and feel free to post your answers in the comments :)

1: What skin type do you have?
Oily to combination

2: What is your favourite skincare brand?
I love simple

3: Do you use eye cream?
I try to, I'm quite lazy when it comes to eye cream

4: Could you ever leave the house without any make up?
Probably not, I feel naked without any on. I could just have concealer on and I'd go out :P

5: If you were stranded on an island, what three make up/beauty products would you take?
Lip balm, moisturiser and mascara (when I get a little tanned my skin clears up big time so wouldn't need concealer....I'd be on a desert Island why would I need any make up? Although you never know, Tarzan might swing down from a tree, have to make myself presentable haha)

6: Do you like using high street make up?
Yup, most of my make up is high street

7: What is your favourite high end brand?

8: Do you use mineral make up?
No, not a huge fan of mineral make up

9: Do you prefer pencil or liquid liner?
I wear both on a night out, but if I had to choose one I'd choose liquid

10: Do you prefer neutral or colourful shades?

11: What is your favourite nail varnish brand?
Barry M

12: Do you use primers?
Yes, face and eye. I have oily skin so feel that primers really help

13: What is your favourite eyeshadow shade/colour?
Purple. I have hazel eyes so purple makes my eye colour pop

14: Bright eyes and neutral lips OR bright lips and neutral eyes?
I love both, but I'd have to go with bright lips and neutral eyes

15: If you could leave the house wearing only one make up item, what would it be?
Definitely concealer

16: What is your favourite high street brand?

17: Do you cleanse, tone and moisturise every day?
No, I should but I never do. I do cleanse and moisturise though

18: What is your favourite body lotion/moisturiser?
Nivea (in the blue tin)

19: What is your favourite foundation?
Revlon colorstay for oily to combination skin

20: What beauty/make up tip do you stand by?
Oldie but a goody, ALWAYS wash your make up off. We've all done it, come in from a night out and thought mehhh can't be bothered. BAD IDEA! I've done it in the past and woken up with spots :( Not good.

Random picture coming up, just because I don't like writing a post without one :P

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.  ~Phyllis Diller


Thanks for reading :)

S xx

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