Wednesday, 9 May 2012

MAC Palettes....

I see so many posts and videos of people doing overviews of their MAC palettes, and because I bought a new empty palette last week I thought I'd do the same. So without further ado, here they are:

Neutrals palette:
* Phloof - Shimmery champagne colour (frost)
* Blanc type - Light cream/skin tone colour (matte)
* Phloof (given to me by my sister)

* Vex - Duo chrome (some light it has purple tones, some green) (frost)
* Satin Taupe - Taupe (frost)
* Mystery - Cool tone brown (satin)

* Silver ring - Medium silver
* Scene - Matte Cool toned grey
* Silver ring - (Given to me by my sister)

* Carbon - Matte black (not very pigmented at all)

Now for colours:

* Satellite dreams - Purple with blue undertones
* Nocturnelle - Deep pinky purple (frost)
* Shadowy lady - Deep plum (matte)

* Trax - Plum with gold shimmer
* Memorabilia - Grey toned purple (frost)

* Steamy - Shimmery aqua (frost)
* Jewel blue - Bright blue (matte)
* Prussian - Navy blue (matte)

* Swimming - Grassy green with silver glitter
* Humid - Forest green (frost)
* Sassy grass - Bright green (matte)

* Green smoke - Shimmery khaki colour with gold glitter
* Sumptuous olive - Goldy olive
* Plumage - Very dark bottle green (matte)

Apologies for my very bad swatches :P

What's your fave MAC shadows?

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

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