Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Review: Fashionista blush palette....

I've wanted to get one of the the fashionista blush palettes for quite a while now after watching youtube videos about them, but my local superdrug don't stock them :( So whilst on my little trip to Birmingham I popped into the big superdrug inside of the Bull ring and bought one: yey!!

The palettes come in either black or red, have a huge mirror and hold either 4 blushes or 4 eyeshadows. The blushes/eyeshadows come in little square pots, and all you have to do (if you choose to buy a palette) is pop them out and click them into the palette. The palette is a great size for travelling with, especially with the big mirror

Each blush contains 2.5g of product and costs £4.00. However, if you buy 4 blushers plus the palette it only comes to £12.00 - BARGAIN!!! 

The colours that I bought are: (I'm not the best at describing colours haha)

* Rose glow: Quite bright dolly pink
* Rose thrill: Slightly toned down fushia pink
* Blushing: Gorgeous rose mauve
* Cinnamon: Browny nude

Each blush is SO pigmented and has great staying power, they are quite powdery but I can totally handle a little extra on my brush! Another thing I will say is, be very light handed with these bad boys :)

I definitely recommend everyone tries these blushes, so worth  the money!!

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

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