Monday, 21 May 2012

Review: Barry M Bold waterproof eyeliner....

I don't know if it's just me, but whenever I wear pencil liner it tends to end up halfway down my face after about an hour, which really isn't a good look lets face it. For months I've been wearing the Gosh velvet touch pencil liner, and I've been loving it but it still either ran a teeny bit, or it lost it's pigmentation.

In superdrug last week, I spotted Barry M's 'Bold waterproof liner' for £3.99 (Bargain!) and picked it up in black.

I decided to test it out 6 different ways:
* Upper lashline
* Lower lashline
* Waterline
* Tightline
* Smudged along upper lashline
* Smudged along lower lashline

Here's my thoughts:

* Upper lashline: Creamy and smooth to apply
                           Lasted 8+ hours (only came off because I washed it off)
                           Colour didn't fade or smudge at all
                           Not so easy to get a 'flick'
* Lower lashline: Lasted around 2 hours then colour faded to a grey colour
                           After around 2 and a half hours liner appeared to 'drop' to under eye area

* Waterline: Smooth application
                   Extremely pigmented at first
                   Colour started to fade after around 2 hours

* Tightline: Glided on so smooth
                  Didn't transfer to waterline (I find with other pencil liners the colour transfers to waterline when I        shut my eye/blink)
                  Colour didn't fade at all
                  Lasted 12 hour, stayed as pigmented as when I first applied

*Smudged along upper: Smudges easily
                                     Once dry, stays put
                                     Colour faded very slightly
                                     Lasted 8+ hours (only came off because I washed it off)

* Smudged along lower: Isn't as pigmented, need to layer it up for very black
                                     Smudges easily
                                     Dropped to under eye area after around 2 hours

The claims:

* 8 hours wear
* Smooth as liquid liner
* Waterproof

For the most part, I did find that it lasted 8+ hours (mainly when used on upper eye area). I definitely agree that it's smooth as a liquid liner and that it's waterproof. It took me a while to wash it off, not complaining though :P

The lowdown:

* Cost - £3.99
* Colours - 7
* Extremely creamy
* Very smooth to apply
* Smudges easily when you want it to
* Does what is says 'on the tin'
* Takes slightly more effort to remove from tightline
* Definitely buying more
* Definitely buying for kit
* Definitely recommend

* Where to buy:

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

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