Friday, 4 May 2012

Review: Topshop nail varnish 'eyes of steel'....

I bought this nail varnish around 2/3 weeks ago, and wanted to try it out more than once before I gave my review about it. I've only tried it out twice, I wanted to try it first without a base coat and top coat (I NEVER wear base and top coats, I know I know BAD STACEY!!) and the second time with a base coat and a top coat. So here's what I thought:

Quick run down:

* Colour 'Eyes of steel'
* Cost £6.00
* Smooth application
* Good size brush
* 8ml of product
* Cute packaging
* Available from Topshop
* Quite fast drying

Without a base and top coat:

I applied two coats of this, even though one would actually do, and expected good things from it. I had read so many good things about the topshop range, so figured it must be good. Well, I'm not impressed at all :( I love the colour and application, but I had this on for not even two days and it started chipping! I know I wore it without a base and top coat, but I've worn e.l.f nail varnishes that cost £1.50 and they've lasted five days before chipping.

It's not really bad chipping, but I'm the kinda gal that hates a little chip and I have to take it all off and reapply. I will say, this is a complete nightmare to remove. I thought that with it not really being glitter it would be fine to take off. NOPE it's exactly like taking off a full on glitter varnish. In the end I gave up and had to pick it all off, my poor nails!

I decided I'd do this fair and see how it lasted with a base and top coat, and decide if my opinion changed any.

With base and top coat:

I applied both base coat and top coat, still no joy :( My right hand ended up looking like it had tiny bubbles under the nail varnish, it might have been my base coat but it still didn't look pretty. It still chipped after 2 days. I needed to pick a label from a little jar I had, and the whole varnish from my thumb nail peeled off!! It was completely dry so shouldn't have peeled off :(

Really not impressed with this nail varnish at all, so disappointed because it's such a pretty colour! I may try another of Topshop's nail varnishes just to see if it's the metallic/glitter ones that aren't so good.

score? 2/5 for colour and application Sorry Topshop

Thanks for reading :)

S xx

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