Saturday, 26 May 2012

'Latest in beauty' beauty box....

I recently started following a company called Latest in beauty (@latestinbeauty) on twitter because a friend of mine recommended I follow them. I'll be totally honest, I didn't know who they were or what they did until I was sitting one night and clicked onto their website.

In a nutshell, 'latest in beauty' are a UK based company that offer beauty boxes (little beauty box) containing three samples for the small price or £1.50 (plus the cost of a text message). I've been interested in subsrcibing to a beauty box for some time now, but I've read and watched so many mixed reviews on them all, so haven't taken the plunge yet.
Anywhooo back to the latest in beauty boxes. This company offers three samples for the tiny cost of £1.50 plus the cost of a standard text message (it's all done via text rather than having to add your bank details online), and the best thing is you get to choose your samples.

How it all works:
Firstly, you need to click onto their website and fill in a questionnaire, which asks questions such as 'hair colour and type, eye colour, skin type' etc (along with creating a user name and password) The reason for the questionnaire is to find out more about you and what type of products you're looking for. Once you've registered and filled in the questionnaire, you're directed to the part of the website that let's you choose your samples. There's three categories with four products in each: hair, skincare and beauty. After choosing one sample from each category all you have to do is text the word 'TRY' to the number provided, and wait (literally 3 seconds) for a text containing your checkout code. On receiving this code, type it into the little box, click 'submit' and that's it, sit back and wait for your samples to arrive.

What i love about the 'little beauty box:
* It only costs £1.50 (plus a text message)
* You get to choose which products you want to sample
* The company doesn't claim to send you anything bigger than a sample size (unless stated)
* You receive more than one sample of each product
* You don't need to give out bank details
* There's no subscription. You choose if and when you want to order another beauty box

Here's what I decided to try out this month:

* Treseme split remedy trio 3x10ml sachets

* Liz Earle sheer skin tint 3x 2ml sachets

* Super by Dr Nicholas perricone bright eyes 2x 0.5ml sachets

The company also offers two other beauty boxes: Luxury samples. This  is the same as the 'little beauty box' as in you get to choose your samples, but differs because unlike the 'little beauty box' this box contains larger samples (not sachets) and each sample is individually priced, and P+P costs £2.95 as oppose to the £1.50 that the' little beauty box' costs.
The other option is the 'themed box' These are pre made boxes filled with luxury samples, and unlike other beauty boxes latest in beauty show you what's inside the themed box before you order it to help you decided if you want it. These are available 6 times a year, P+P cost £2.95 (I can't see a price for the actual box)

I'd definitely reccommend giving this beauty box a try. £1.50 for three samples, is totally worth it. Can't wait till next month now :P

Reviews coming up once I have that chance to try everything out.

Thanks for reading :)

S xx


  1. That's awesome!!! So does the money get charged to your cell? I love the split remedy I'm using it now.

    1. Yeah, the money gets taken off your bill so it doesn't feel like you're spending anything. I'm looking forward to trying out the hair remedy.